Update: Normal: GREAT public comments

The right video is below!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I enjoy hearing the train whistle load and clear on the Normal Council videos.  I guess when you take federal money for a new train station, then decide to put the Town offices and Council chambers above it, they deserve have the meetings interrupted by trains.

Three great citizens spoke at the beginning of the tax hearing:  Doug Fansler, Craig Stimpert, and Marc Tiritlli.

Of course the council ignored their comments and voted to raise property taxes anyway.  After you listen to the three speakers, fast forward to around 30:00 to hear how the Council justified raising your taxes. I could recap each council person, but you really need to hear it in their own words.  I guarantee you will hear every reason regurgitated that makes citizens not trust their elected officials.  Of course the vote was unanimous.

Just hit play below:

7 thoughts on “Update: Normal: GREAT public comments

  1. Did you catch the interaction about $50,000 of the motor fuel tax going to the removal of trees in compliance with environmental protections on long eared bats? This is a federal guideline that must be followed when federal dollars are at stake. In other words when you hold your tin can out there to collect federal dollars as the Normal Town Council often does, be prepared to fall in line with their restrictions. And yes, Cheryl Gaines that often comes with an unexpected price tag. So, I have to ask is the Federal grant worth the price that often comes with it?


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