Catch a glimpse inside FOIA requests

By:  Diane Benjamin The Freedom of Information Act was created to insure citizens can obtain information about the government THEY pay for. All documents belong to citizens, not government.  There are a few exemptions to what can be withheld, but every FOIA request starts with the assumption documents are available to anybody who asks for […]

It keeps getting funnier!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                             September 13, 2017 Contact:         Katie Simpson, City of Bloomington Planner, 309-434-2341                         Tricia Stiller, Downtown Bloomington, 309-829-9599       PARKING DAY COMES TO DOWNTOWN BLOOMINGTON   BLOOMINGTON, IL– On Friday, September 15, in cities around the globe including right here in Downtown Bloomington, artists, activists and citizens will transform parking spaces into temporary public parks […]

I was trying to be nice . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin I have no idea why Bloomington needed a new website.  The one they had worked far better than others in the area – especially the McLean County website. They built a new one anyway.  Since I am a programmer, I know it’s very difficult to find all the problems when launching extensive […]

UPDATE – What do you think?

Guess who returned! Nora, since the media refuses to inform citizens, somebody has to.  It’s the LAW: _______________________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin There used to be three Facebook pages and a couple of Twitter accounts dedicated to attacking me and some other local conservatives.  Issues were never discussed, just attacks.  The pages had very few followers, […]

3 minute meeting?

By:  Diane Benjamin The approval of a Liquor License was left off the agenda last night.  Since the recipient has a Father’s Day event planned, he can’t wait until the next meeting for approval.  Therefore the Council is planning a quick meeting whenever they can get 5 aldermen together to approve it.  Who dropped the […]

How Nora spends her time

By:  Diane Benjamin Taxpayers have long wondered why the City of Bloomington needed a Communication Director.  Somehow the City was fine before Nora Dukowitz’s position was created and she was hired.  (A lot of people think it was better!) John Kraft from Edgar County Watchdog did a Freedom of Information request for Nora’s Internet access […]

So, Who is getting fired?

By:  Diane Benjamin The Saturday edition of the retreat has been cancelled. Tomorrow, expect a Pantagraph article saying the City decided to delay the meeting because they didn’t have everything ready.  Truth is immaterial. The truth is:  Somebody forgot to post it. Today’s Pantagraph story about the two-day retreat didn’t write itself.  Renner is quoted […]

Nora, Nora, Nora

By:  Diane Benjamin I really hope Nora Dukowitz isn’t getting paid by taxpayers today.  Her social media sites have under gone some changes.  I’d hate to think taxpayers are paying for her personal activity, or maybe it isn’t personal? Luckily, I have screen shots of everything!  The three Facebook pages “Liked” by Nora Katherine are […]

Really sad you pay for this

By:  Diane Benjamin Nora Dukowitz was hired by the City of Bloomington to be the Communications Manger.  Why Bloomington needed one is still a mystery.  Hales claimed in this Pantagraph article that Nora would play a critical role in outreach to citizens, he also stated she would use social media to engage citizens: I […]

Pantagraph buries truth again UPDATE

A reader called WJBC.  They consider it over.  Truth doesn’t matter to them either! By:  Diane Benjamin The ONLY reason I started BlnNews is more than obvious.  Local news didn’t exist.  The Pantagraph and WJBC slanted every story to fit their purpose.  They praised elected officials for their brilliance while in office, then blame them when […]

Council complicit in Renner lies

By:  Diane Benjamin Facts: The Normal police did NOT arrest Fistbump for knocking on Nora Dukowitz’s door. Dukowitz dropped civil action against Fistbump the day before it went to court. Tari proclaimed in open session that Fistbump was being investigated for a felony:  Start watching at 5:30. Diana Hauman believed a person representing Cities 92.9 is not fit […]

Realizing there is NO CASE . . .

  By:  Diane Benjamin . . Nora filed for a dismissal in her case against Fistbump. Maybe she feared being laughed out of court!  She should have known that before she filed! Tari:  You went after Judy Stearns and lost! Remember the long standing ovation she received? Tari:  You went after me and got a censure […]

Dukowitz-Fistbump THIS Thursday

By:  Diane Benjamin Law and Justice Center  (I may have altered the calendar slightly)   The courtrooms don’t hold a lot of people, arrive early if you want to support Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech. Maybe Tari will show up and say again how knocking on a door is felony stalking. This is […]

Nora Dukowitz: The Police Report

By:  Diane Benjamin Unlike Bloomington who NEVER answers Freedom of Information Requests early and frequently extends them, Normal ALWAYS answers!  I certainly don’t approve of how Normal operates financially, but Tari could learn transparency from the Town of Normal.  Normal has never tried to hide anything they are doing. Yesterday I did a FOIA request for any […]

Who is Nora Dukowitz?

By:  Diane Benjamin Since Bloomington’s Communications Director Nora Dukowitz decided to ask a judge to declare knocking on a door illegal, I decided to do a little research about her. It wasn’t difficult because I received her application to the City of Bloomington last month under the Freedom of Information Act.  Nora also still has her resume […]

City Priorities: Somebody else pays

By:  Diane Benjamin Federal debt now stands at more the $18 Trillion.  Bloomington and the County want it higher.  Tonight the council will vote to approve a Federal Tiger grants application to expand Hamilton Road and build a Multi-Modal Transportation Center by the Law and Justice Center. Bloomington can’t afford it, so make the entire country pay […]

Nora, City, and the press

  By:  Diane Benjamin Nora Dukowitz wants a court to approve why she doesn’t do her job.  The Cities 92.9 reporter wanted questions answered and she refused to respond.  Since Nora refused to see him at City Hall, he knocked on her door.  She didn’t answer (no surprise), so he left his business card.  That’s it, no stalking.  […]

I’m trying to stop laughing!

By:  Diane Benjamin Since I just got back from a road trip north where driving on roads means paying for the privilege, I haven’t been able to comment on Nora Dukowitz’s attempt to silence the press.  I don’t remember a time when Bloomington had any real local press.  Obviously Nora has no idea what it looks like.  I feel […]