Dukowitz-Fistbump THIS Thursday

By:  Diane Benjamin

Law and Justice Center  (I may have altered the calendar slightly)



The courtrooms don’t hold a lot of people, arrive early if you want to support Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech.

Maybe Tari will show up and say again how knocking on a door is felony stalking.

This is civil court, not criminal.

Maybe Nora can get a restraining order against everybody who might knock.



6 thoughts on “Dukowitz-Fistbump THIS Thursday

  1. I can personally attest that Fist Bump is harmless. Anyone who knows him understands how absurd these allegations of Nora’s are. It is another example of the left’s inability to engage in intelligent discussion and debate of the issues. Therefore they must resort to theatrics such as this to deflect people’s attention from the issues at hand. At issue is Josh’s original question to Nora about a city manager for a city well under 100,000 people making more money than the governor of the state of Illinois. If that’s not enough he recently got a raise. Since Nora has no logical or reasonable explanation for this excess of government, her focus now becomes the removal of not only Josh’s First Amendment rights, but also his Second. Don’t think for one moment Renner isn’t behind all of this. It’s straight out of his playbook. Remember he has a PhD in politics. It was Bill and Hillary who coined the phrase “politics of personal destruction” and it’s clear City Hall is deeply entrenched in the same tactic toward those who dare to question them.


  2. I wonder if Nora will have a lawyer or represent herself. It would be interesting to know who the lawyer is if she has one.


  3. I just wonder if Nora is really freaked out because of Mayor Renner. Maybe Nora wants to do her job but the Mayor is telling her not to talk to 92.9. She would be under a lot of stress and maybe terrified knowing that the Mayor already verbally attacked and threatened Diane.


    1. Interesting thought. Let’s not forget his rampages against former alderwoman Stearns. Seems the man does like to bully women so this could be a factor.


  4. I wonder what would happen if a taxpayer knocked at her door? Would they be charged with stalking as well? Maybe citizens of Bloomington should try and see!


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