Center Street Bridge! Update

To the clown who is no longer allowed to post comments:  Research what the current Gas Tax is being used for.  Research where the almost what the almost $1 Trillion Obama plan for “Shovel Ready” infrastructure went.  Neither was/is spent on roads and bridges.  The Feds don’t need more money, they need to spend what they have where it is needed – not social engineering us.

By:  Diane Benjamin

These pictures are of one support beam to the Center Street bridge south of downtown Bloomington.  This is an IDOT bridge and not maintained by the City of Bloomington.

IDOT has a website where all bridges and conditions are available.  This bridge was inspected in April, it received a Sufficiency Rating of 82.4

Evidently it is fine to drive over.  Driving under it might be a problem – watch for falling concrete!


15 thoughts on “Center Street Bridge! Update

  1. Move along people, nothing to see here.
    Looks like the company that built the parking ramp did work in town before, the bridge obviosly lasted more than 5 years though.


  2. I was down by Shirley this morning where that bike trail ends along old 66 and someone from the McLean County Highway department was there taking pictures it looked like. I wonder if some more of that shovel ready money is going to be used to extend that bike trail to Funks Grove. To tell the truth as many times as I have been in that area I see no one using it. A few from the sub division by Nestle Beich’s does nearby is all.


  3. The “shovel ready” trope that you keep talking about was all the way back in 2009. It’s 2015 and yes the gas tax has not kept up with the cost of replacing our infrastructure.


      1. You don’t explain things to leftists or ANYONE that is sane. You report many things that ARE factual. But, then you report garbage that is NOT factual, which impacts your reputation and credibility for the 95% that’s not extreme or Tea Party.

        You really could make a difference if you had a focus on the truth and not scare tactics. Harness your energy for good?


      2. I know there by Shirley they have been working quite a bit. I asked someone one day what were they doing with all of the construction equipment. Evidently they are going to construct some parallel track so another train can pass.

        I think at best Amtrak between Chicago and St. Louis was going to be about 100 mph. While fast I don’t consider that as high speed.

        Why no telling how much has been spent replacing track and upgrading that line.


  4. Well Diane, both China, Japan and Europe are leaving the United States in the dust with high speed railways. This country was built on railways in the 19th century and in this century much of our goods still travel by rail. If there were “billions” spent, then it’s billions well spent. Currently $151 billion is being spent for high speed rails in California, this more than 25 years to design and build the line. The proposed rail line would allow for top speeds of 220 mph.


    1. We aren’t China, Japan, and Europe. We aren’t going to ride Amtrak anywhere when the trains are never on time. Americans have a love affair with cars and that isn’t going to change – even though government is trying very hard to destroy cars. If the billions had been spend where the law says gas taxes are suppose to be spent, we wouldn’t have a problem. Killing prevailing wage crap would help too.


  5. I’m probably wrong but I thought IDOT and the city worked in partnership on roads that went through town. The city just isn’t going to spend on infrastructure unless it is for downtown town development. The motor fuel tax is inadequate for road repair but will be spent on bicycle pathways. “Shovel ready” and “public-private partnership” are politico-speak terms used to dupe the public for the purpose of raising taxes.


    1. The City could stand up to them, not sure if they would have to pay part. Obviously the City doesn’t really care about the roads since fixing them isn’t in the budget.


  6. Diane, your entire blog is your unsubstantiated opinion not fact. “We aren’t going ride Amtrak”, said by someone who never rode Amtrak or a high speed rails in Europe or anywhere. The government is trying to “destroy” cars? Really? Then why did the President save the automobile industry? That’s a very strange way to “destroy” cars!!! If Obama was going to “destroy” cars, he’d would have let the entire industry fail.
    High speed rails have received only a small portion of our transportation cost. Of course you want to end minimum wages, it would suit your propose if everyone made 1.50/hr. working next to a toxic dump.


    1. Obama didn’t save the car industry, he destroyed GM. They are making really crappy cars now – I know. I got rid of a 2014 in less than a year. Yes I have ridden Amtrak. It wasn’t on time.

      Didn’t I ban you at one time? This isn’t a site that explains facts to leftists. The vast majority of my readers know actual facts – I don’t need to spell them out. If you want to swallow Obama talking points, go be happy on their sites. Economic Activity and Capitalism are way beyond your ability to comprehend.


      1. I disagree. Love my GM and last year GM had one of highest rated cars. Imports are still beating us down. But that has been happening awhile.


  7. From R. Kennedy, “Diane, your entire blog is your unsubstantiated opinion not fact.” Dude or Ms. Dude, that is the biggest line of poo-poo all day, all week, all year. Congrats! You’re #1 in something.


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