Center Street bridge closing?!?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Back in June of 2015 I took pictures under the Center Street bridge for this story:

It appeared then to be failing apart.

Last Monday a guy named Rick Phillipi (sp?) spoke during Public Comment at the 7:00 Council meeting.  He has been tracking this bridge for many years, he is concerned that school buses use it.  He showed more recent pictures, of course we can’t see them since the meeting was at the BCPA.

He claimed he spoke to IDOT personnel who were at the bridge recently.  He also claimed IDOT told him the road was going to be closed March 1st and the bridge taken down.

According to the IDOT report on this structure, page 2 shows it was inspected on 12/14/2017:

The report also shows:



I don’t see any comments on that page saying the bridge is going to be torn down.  I can’t find any other information on the IDOT site either.  If what Rick says is true, the City likely knows but just haven’t told anybody yet.

Just hit play to hear his comments – especially if you own a business in that area.

9 thoughts on “Center Street bridge closing?!?

  1. While the gentleman was speaking, a lady near me was waving her hand trying to get council’s recognition. I overheard her say to a companion that it was going to be done in 2019. I have no idea if that information was correct or not. What was amusing was the quizzical looks on the council’s faces as they each looked at one another.


  2. National Bridge Inventory Rating Scale
    If you look at the bridge you will see that the cancer is all directly under where the salt has come down the drains. Best to build a ground level road and with all the advances in railroad crossing safety standards and new equipment. This is my choice going forward. The homeless will not have a place to hang out any more? Bridges are never the safest place to be around. Before the repainting there was serious arguments about this bridge just never made public. It needs to come down and not replaced would make that part of town SAFER.

    8 VERY GOOD CONDITION – no problems noted
    7 GOOD CONDITION – some minor problems.
    6 SATISFACTORY CONDITION – structural elements show minor deterioration
    5 FAIR CONDITION – all primary structural elements are sound but may have minor corrosion, cracking or chipping. May include minor erosion on bridge piers.
    4 POOR CONDITION – advanced corrosion, deterioration, cracking or chipping. Also significant erosion of concrete bridge piers.
    3 SERIOUS CONDITION – corrosion, deterioration, cracking and chipping, or erosion of concrete bridge piers have seriously affected deck, superstructure, or substructure. Local failures are possible.
    2 CRITICAL CONDITION – advanced deterioration of deck, superstructure, or substructure. May have cracks in steel or concrete, or erosion may have removed substructure support. It may be necessary to close the bridge until corrective action is taken.
    1 “IMMINENT” FAILURE CONDITION – major deterioration or corrosion in deck, superstructure, or substructure, or obvious vertical or horizontal movement affecting structure stability. Bridge is closed to traffic but corrective action may put back in light service.
    0 FAILED CONDITION – out of service – beyond corrective action
    N Not applicable


  3. Think the rating for the City Bloomington and all that live here would be a 3 Serious condition. corrosion, deterioration, cracking and chipping, or erosion of trust of the pillars of those elected, Local failures are possible.


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