Normal didn’t get $6 mil more, they only got $3,157,375

By: Diane Benjamin See original story: Monday packet: PDF page 62: Either people all across the country are funding Normal’s amenities or money is being printed so Normal can have an underpass vehicles can’t use. Brilliant. Oh, the Subway inside the Amtrak station closed, another Uptown success story. Remember what Normal did when […]

The final story for Normal Monday night – Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin Other items from Monday’s meeting could be covered, but I won’t!  Links to all previous stories are here: Isaac Thorne and Julie Hile made a presentation.  Start with this screen shot: Thorne proved Pritzker’s budget is a joke by relying on a $5 billion bailout from the Feds AND the citizens […]

IDOT contact info

By:  Diane Benjamin A reader attended the Open House at Bloomington City Hall last night concerning bike lanes on Rt 9. A representative from IDOT claimed he found out about the meeting at the last minute.  He also said the City Council can pass a resolution saying yes or no to bike lanes. Since the […]

Why Stan and Karyn voted NO

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night’s Normal Town Council meeting was an hour long.  The longest debate was over changing the name of a major road again.  It used to be Diamond Star Parkway, now Mitsubishi Motorway, it will be getting it’s third name. Stan Nord questioned the impact to not only the businesses in the […]

Center Street bridge closing?!?

By:  Diane Benjamin Back in June of 2015 I took pictures under the Center Street bridge for this story: It appeared then to be failing apart. Last Monday a guy named Rick Phillipi (sp?) spoke during Public Comment at the 7:00 Council meeting.  He has been tracking this bridge for many years, he is […]

East Side Bypass-Highway-Freeway

By:  Diane Benjamin I attended part of the Public Hearing last night at Central Catholic High school. Side note:  I wonder how much they spend per student in their lovely facility?  I bet it isn’t close to what Unit 5/District 87 spend.  Somebody should really study that angle. I did a quick Internet search yesterday […]

Center Street Bridge! Update

To the clown who is no longer allowed to post comments:  Research what the current Gas Tax is being used for.  Research where the almost what the almost $1 Trillion Obama plan for “Shovel Ready” infrastructure went.  Neither was/is spent on roads and bridges.  The Feds don’t need more money, they need to spend what they have […]

The commission you’ve never heard of

by:  Diane Benjamin It’s the McLean County Regional Planning Commission! What do they do?  Make plans for Bloomington, Normal, and McLean County.  Think East-side Bypass, Bike Routes, and now Bring It Bloomington. According to the MCRPC 2013 financial statements, 46.6% of their funding came from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).  Who do you […]