Why Stan and Karyn voted NO

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last night’s Normal Town Council meeting was an hour long.  The longest debate was over changing the name of a major road again.  It used to be Diamond Star Parkway, now Mitsubishi Motorway, it will be getting it’s third name.

Stan Nord questioned the impact to not only the businesses in the area but the logic of naming any road after a business that may or may not be around long term.  Nord preferred changing the Parkway name to something generic in the future so it never has to change again.  Kevin McCarthy thinks it is a small thing to show support for Rivian.  Taxpayers paying for their ground maintenance and security isn’t support Kevin?

Karyn Smith thought changing the access road’s name to the plant was a better plan.  Of course that didn’t show “enough” support.

City Manager Pam Reece proclaimed IDOT will change the street signs for free.  Evidently as long as Normal isn’t writing the check – money spent is free.  (Speaks volumes)

Nord is worried about the ripple effect caused by the name change.  Truckers and tourists use that road, at least one Council  member thinks all GPS systems get their data from the same place.  Chemberly Cummings must not know some systems don’t update automatically, some people have to have a subscription to update, and some can only be updated at a dealership.  Cummings has a way of sounding very condescending, it must have been beneath her talents to discuss such a trivial matter as changing the name of a street.  Just hit play below.

Maybe Cummings can explain this search – I typed in Diamond Star Parkway Illinois:

diamond star

How many years ago did Diamond Star Parkway cease to exist?  The Rivian name made the search engines, but not the street name.

References were frequently made to the investments by Ford and Amazon.  Nobody has said how many of those millions will end up here.  The local plant isn’t the only facility Rivian owns.

Chemberly proved why she need replaced at the next election.  Don’t miss her comment at 53:20  National League of Cities is promoting a “Summer of Love”.  She wants every one to watch for upcoming events.  She claims there has been enough fighting, time to “show love” for your community.  How about at least some respect for people with different opinions Chemberly?  Meeting after meeting you aren’t showing any “love” for the two Council members elected by the people because of their opinions.  Let’s see you “show some love” at the next meeting.

The name change isn’t a done deal, other government agencies have to approve it first.


14 thoughts on “Why Stan and Karyn voted NO

  1. I work at the IRS just down the road from Rivian. Cannot even guess how much stationary and return address labeling will need to be changed after this. Whatever happens upstream WILL affect what happens downstream.

  2. What is it with cummings? We need to all make a point of talking to her this way. Who does she think she is? Show her the same disrespect.

  3. Great post, Diane.

    The Normal Town Council will pull out all the stops for those who get their support (their pet projects) like Portillos or in this case Rivian. But, long term businesses who have been here are severely affected by the special treatment these new businesses receive. Changing street names is a bigger deal than people think. Think of all the other long term businesses that will have to change address of materials or company letterhead. Yet, once again, it’s another example of this Council picking winners and losers.

    I totally agree with your assessment of Chemberly. Same with McCarthy. I predict we’re going to be seeing more of him in the mayor’s seat sooner than you think.

  4. How about we wait until at least one vehicle comes out the back of that plant before we think about name changes? I am still of the opinion that Rivian will NEVER make any cars, trucks or SUVs in that plant. The latest Pantagraph article said they are spending $40 million on the paint shop and the offices. Please tell me there are not people out there who believe that $40 million will do anything to retool and prepare mass production for the radical new design that Rivian has come up with (the rollerskate thing)? Because everyone I know (myself included) who worked out there is having a great laugh right now. $40 million? Are you serious? LOL

  5. This says a lot about the so-called leadership of Normal. (1) Pam Reece claims IDOT will change the street signs for “free”. Wrong, IDOT is funded by Illinois taxpayers. Government doesn’t do anything for free. It spends money that it takes from productive businesses and individuals. If we assume she means “free” to Normal, that’s also false. Since I’m quite certain there will be town vehicles and personnel deployed for the replacement of the signs, not to mention the paperwork and time associated with bureaucrats updating the address of tax bills, notices, public safety and infrastructure maps, etc. They’ll probably also have a ceremony and catered lunch to mark the occasion. (2) As commented above, the private sector will need to spend money updating stationary, websites, social media, invoices/accounting, and other information. That costs money and labor, both internally and externally. (3) Chemberly’s “Summer of Love” is not about getting along, it’s about wanting Stan and Karyn to fall into line, sign off on what Koos and his cronies want, and to not ask any questions. She and the other Council members are trying their best to spin counterarguments from Stan and Karyn as bad for the community. They want the public to think that it would be better if everyone would just go along to get along, rather than debate or question others. From what I’ve heard, Stan and Karyn remain quite popular and this tactic is not working. People appreciate an advocate for the taxpayer or at least some debate or alternate viewpoints.

  6. Whatever happened to changing the red/white street signs in abNormal back to green/white?

  7. Personally I’m still waiting for one of the “smart people” to catch on that Rivian is one big scam, as Neversilent just said, I too HIGHLY doubt anything will ever come out of there and if it does it’s gonna be a monumental flop – then they will wheedle MORE money out of some gullible rich entity or they will scurry onto some other hapless town with a bunch of “smart people” running it and start all over, as they have done before.

    1. I am truly amazed at what is happening here in this town. Wanting something to happen does not make it happen. We have leadership who have never really worked a day in their lives and have almost no knowledge about the mass production of vehicles, buying hook line and sinker everything that Rivian tells them. I could easily write 3 or 4 pages on the many obvious issues that are not being addressed with this company and this plant. Auto manufacturing is at best a very risky business and only for companies who have very deep pockets and lots of experience. There are many people with my knowledge and experience that could be asking the questions that no one is asking. But Fuhrer Koos and his posse want to believe that everything is OK and someday cars will come rolling out of the back of that plant. They do not wish to hear or know about the reality that exists and prefer to live in an alternative universe. Fuhrer Koos is probably right now puffed up like an old bull frog telling other mayors in Hawaii about his car manufacturing accomplishment. This is what happens when you elect a bike shop owner to run your city. He is totally unqualified and actually dangerous to the future of the town of Normal (Uptown boondoggle for example).

  8. the state of Illinois does not do anything for free! it will cost the TAXPAYERS money to make the signs, get a group of lackeys to put the signs up(AFSCME always works in groups) pay their wages to mount the signs. NOTHING BUT NOTHING IS FREE WHEN IT COMES TO ILLINOIS.

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