Story #6 – Normal Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

I tried to wrap up most of what happened Monday night in this story and failed.  One more story coming and some things still won’t be covered.

Link to all previous stories:

This one is number SIX.

This was on the agenda:

church sign

church sign 2church sign 3

EVERY person on the Council, except Stan Nord, voted to NOT allow this sign.  It appears churches aren’t represented on the Council except by one member.

Chemberly Cummings proves she is unfit for office.  She votes the way she is told and doesn’t bother to read the materials provided.

This was on the agenda:

sex harrassment

Note:  This item was on the agenda strictly as a policy between elected officials.

Stan Nord questioned how Council members can be protected from allegations when 2 at a time meet with Pam Reece to discuss issues.  There is no video so this could be a 2 against 1 allegation.  Stan didn’t say it, but he could be targeted and have no defense.

Listen to Chemberly prove she didn’t read the packet, she calls a point of order and then tells Stan this isn’t for elected officials.  She asks Pam is she is right, of course Pam says no.  Rubber-Stamp Facts Don’t Matter Cummings? (RSFDMC)

I included a little of Stan, all of Chemberly, and some of Pam:

Stan Nord usually questions payments, usually nobody else does.  Chris Koos HATES it when Stan asks questions.  No snippets this time, the video below should start around 19:00.  Koos treats YOUR elected official like his opinions are immaterial.  Sit down, shut up.  Stan asks more than one question, including one about the new communications position and where the funding is coming from since COVID has cut revenue.  21:15, Koos claims policy can not do discussed.  Koos twice asks Stan to quit asking policy questions during the “report to receive and file expenditures”.  Representing the people paying the bills isn’t allowed.

4 thoughts on “Story #6 – Normal Monday

  1. Sit down and shut up Stan (and the taxpayers of Normal)

    Given this blocking of ANY debate or discussion on expenditures, why are the citizens not descending on city hall, Fuhrer Koos’ home and Reich Minister Reece’s home to demand their resignations?

    Probably for the same reason why they obey illegal orders to wear masks and close their businesses? They are either brainwashed liberals or apathetic sheep. Either way, if they don’t make an effort to stop this abuse of power, they deserve to have these criminals RULE them.

    The economic s##t is hitting the fan and the taxpayers of Normal are putting up with this crap?

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    1. It is because most of the population in BN is made up of SF, CC, ISU and IWU carpetbaggers that have no previous or long-term investment in the community. They come here to work for a few years to enhance their resumes and move on so they don’t care long term what happens. The others are rural types that see BN as the “big city” and do the same until it’s time to return to the farm in retirement or move elsewhere. The rest just work here by commuting, don’t pay property taxes here so they don’t care. BN no longer has the numerous families that were born and raised here and invested in the community. The population is made up of transients that don’t care one way or another. There you have it.


  2. Policy is exactly what the council is supposed to be about. Stan has every right to ask about policy. It’s his job.

    Koos misunderstanding of the council manager form of government is astounding.

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