State Gas Tax means Bloomington jumped too soon

By:  Diane Benjamin

The State of Illinois is likely raising the gas tax .19 per gallon.  The total tax will be .38 cents for every gallon you pump.  This will chase even more people out of the state and cause travelers and citizens who can fill up outside of Illinois to do so.

Democrats never understand people come up with ways around taxes.  People leave or people change their behavior.  How many people in Bloomington will eat out less because they have less money to spend?  Watch the Food and Beverage tax receipts.

(Maybe people would stop eating out if they knew Bloomington was getting 2.5% for sales tax plus another 2% Food and Beverage Tax.  Look at your receipts.  (Eating in Normal is the same.)

IDOT Motor Fuel Tax

The State of Illinois claims on page 6 the Motor Fuel Tax is for the privilege of driving on the roads!  We should have the privilege of using private roads that will be maintained properly instead of their crappy roads.  The State must not realize that commerce wouldn’t exist – and the taxes that come from it – if the roads didn’t exist.  Driving on their roads isn’t a privilegeit’s a mutual benefit.

When the State decides to steal even more of our money, the City of Bloomington and the Town of Normal will get more money back from the State.  So will the County.  We don’t know where the City of Bloomington spends the money they get now, it certainly isn’t in the roads and sidewalks budget.

Below is how much money Bloomington has received from the state since 2014 – $10,834,652

Each list of State payments is posted by year on the IDOT website, this is 2018:  MFT allotment

Where is this money?  PDF page 14 of the IDOT Motor Fuel Tax link above shows what they can legally spend the money on.  Roads is only a small part.

Tari Renner was on WJBC this morning claiming another .04 per gallon is only an issue to sell papers.  He also claimed a new wheel cost him $2000 after the streets damaged his car.  He mentioned the “transparency award” the city received years ago.  Where was this money spent Mayor Transparency?  Where will the future increases be spent?

Bloomington was in a hurry to pass the gas tax so it could start May 1.  If it hadn’t been passed quickly they would have needed to wait months to enact it.

This list was compiled by a reader:

02/28/2014 MFT Monthly Allotment $155,582.78
03/31/2014 MFT Monthly Allotment $122,333.69
04/30/2014 MFT Monthly Allotment $141,233.69
04/30/2014 Supplemental Allotment $325,593.00
05/31/2014 MFT Monthly Allotment $198,301.50
06/30/2014 MFT Monthly Allotment $149,122.97
07/31/2014 MFT Monthly Allotment $167,162.13
08/27/2014 Supplemental Allotment $325,593.00
08/31/2014 MFT Monthly Allotment $113,509.36
09/24/2014 Supplemental Allotment $80,272.00
09/30/2014 MFT Monthly Allotment $154,316.03
10/31/2014 MFT Monthly Allotment $166,086.82
11/30/2014 MFT Monthly Allotment $168,345.34
12/31/2014 MFT Monthly Allotment $192,921.75
01/31/2015 MFT Monthly Allotment $181,309.92
02/28/2015 MFT Monthly Allotment $137,630.55
03/31/2015 MFT Monthly Allotment $70,605.01
04/30/2015 MFT Monthly Allotment $178,179.17
05/31/2015 MFT Monthly Allotment $167,297.99
06/30/2015 MFT Monthly Allotment $108,585.91
07/31/2015 MFT Monthly Allotment $193,251.09
08/31/2015 MFT Monthly Allotment $186,195.93
09/29/2015 Supplemental Allotment $80,384.00
09/30/2015 MFT Monthly Allotment $125,379.55
10/31/2015 MFT Monthly Allotment $162,905.92
11/30/2015 MFT Monthly Allotment $188,673.50
12/31/2015 MFT Monthly Allotment $172,900.55
01/31/2016 MFT Monthly Allotment $166,999.72
02/29/2016 MFT Monthly Allotment $168,306.70
03/31/2016 MFT Monthly Allotment $144,751.28
04/30/2016 MFT Monthly Allotment $174,350.03
05/31/2016 MFT Monthly Allotment $173,155.49
06/30/2016 MFT Monthly Allotment $109,197.87
07/31/2016 MFT Monthly Allotment $175,273.25
08/31/2016 MFT Monthly Allotment $166,451.91
09/14/2016 Supplemental Allotment $80,489.00
09/30/2016 MFT Monthly Allotment $146,928.23
10/31/2016 MFT Monthly Allotment $170,087.21
11/30/2016 MFT Monthly Allotment $173,297.70
12/31/2016 MFT Monthly Allotment $181,739.85
01/31/2017 MFT Monthly Allotment $172,763.36
02/28/2017 MFT Monthly Allotment $164,719.57
03/31/2017 MFT Monthly Allotment $140,445.01
04/30/2017 MFT Monthly Allotment $167,735.33
05/31/2017 MFT Monthly Allotment $170,067.15
06/30/2017 MFT Monthly Allotment $135,054.69
07/31/2017 MFT Monthly Allotment $177,084.03
08/31/2017 MFT Monthly Allotment $167,264.42
09/28/2017 Supplemental Allotment $39,622.00
09/30/2017 MFT Monthly Allotment $147,849.83
10/31/2017 MFT Monthly Allotment $169,276.78
11/30/2017 MFT Monthly Allotment $172,518.27
12/31/2017 MFT Monthly Allotment $169,281.11
01/29/2018 Supplemental Allotment $39,621.00
01/31/2018 MFT Monthly Allotment $173,312.26
02/28/2018 MFT Monthly Allotment $150,150.38
03/31/2018 MFT Monthly Allotment $148,844.48
04/30/2018 MFT Monthly Allotment $175,380.72
05/31/2018 MFT Monthly Allotment $161,458.79
06/30/2018 MFT Monthly Allotment $147,969.43
07/31/2018 MFT Monthly Allotment $173,669.79
08/31/2018 MFT Monthly Allotment $167,467.21
09/30/2018 MFT Monthly Allotment 139,892.48
10/31/2018 MFT Monthly Allotment $183,540.81
11/15/2018 Supplemental Allotment $78,383.00
11/30/2018 MFT Monthly Allotment $172,803.51
12/31/2018 MFT Monthly Allotment $166,394.33
01/31/2019 MFT Monthly Allotment $166,210.87
02/28/2019 MFT Monthly Allotment $151,169.78


10 thoughts on “State Gas Tax means Bloomington jumped too soon

  1. Tari Renner was on WJBC this morning claiming another .04 per gallon is only an issue to sell papers. He also claimed a new wheel cost him $2000 after the streets damaged his car.
    LMAO,,, $ .04 per gallon just to sell papers. My gawd man, are you that high that you expect people to believe that nonsense? Oh and if you spent $2000 for one wheel you are again a complete idiot that must have been thinking you were going to use your p-card!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Since he likely doesn’t know how to change a tire, he probably took his show car into his mechanic who knew who he was and convinced him a new tire and rim would cost that much. Being a political science professor, he didn’t know he was being taken and paid the bill (with taxpayer money).


  2. Since Tari is a pathological liar don’t look too hard for that check. The chance he had the incident he claimed is as likely as a snowball in hell.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “We should have the privilege of using private roads that will be maintained properly instead of their crappy roads.”, careful what you wish for. Ever been to Dallas, Tx and go on their “privately owned TOLL ROAD? And it is not owned by an American company to boot. Same group are about to open another one on Interstate 77 around Charlotte, N C. Tolls will fluctuate s the volume gets busier. Rush Hour can run as much as ten dollars for about twenty miles or at odd hours two to three dollars for that same distance, People that work there can expect to pay going and coming. This Company that is building it has a fifty year lease and an option for another twenty-five.


  4. In Tari AND the council I NOW have a vote of NO CONFIDENCE, and believe the WHOLE LOT of them should be submitted to the “has been” pile!!
    Doubling the fuel tax WHILE they waste money like drunken idiots with holes in their pockets is NO excuse for not living within a budget, nor raising OUR taxes when THEY fail to do so..
    I liked the clip on the news this evening, about LET’S build a wall around Chicago and its Democrats, make THEM pay for it, and declare the REST of (sane) Illinois a sovereign state!
    We’d just have the MINOR detail of making SURE that Jelly Belly is at his “Porcelain Palace” When we build the wall!!

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  5. Hey Tari! What happens to that 30% claim you made about people traveling through regarding petro purchases when you build that East Side Highway ByPass ya’ goof? O’ Taxin’ Tari ain’t so transparent unless it means that one can see right through his b.s.


  6. I wonder how deep the BS was yesterday at WJBC? Must of been a tidal wave of it! Supposedly the rag only prints the truth. Tari now saying the Rag is lying? If they are why are the taxpayers dolling out all that money to the Rag?


  7. Privilege of driving on roads? Roads are funded by TAXPAYER money not out of King Tari’s pocket. Back in the time of feudal lords you had to pay a tax or a toll in order to travel on the Kings roads. Sound familiar? How soon before his highness decides to make main street and all the rest of HIS streets tollways?


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