More Connect Transit – Socialism!

By:  Diane Benjamin

More on this story from yesterday:

Yesterday’s story had a short recent video showing the destruction Connect Transit buses have caused to the Portillos corner.

The video below is what it looked like last year – much worse.  That means Normal fixed it and Connect is in the process of breaking it again.  Note the NEW concrete for the ADA crosswalk on yesterday’s video compared to the broken concrete on this one:

Evidently the taxpayers of Normal get to pay every year because the huge empty buses can not navigate corners.  What other corners are the buses doing this to?

Connect had a meeting last night to discuss route changes and fees.  Some people told them they were attacking the poorest people.

Yes they are!

When will people figure out government programs aren’t created to help anybody?  They are created to buy votes and jobs for friends.

It’s called (democratic) socialism and it fails every time it is tried.  Connect operated for years getting the poorest to rely on their service.  Connect destroyed personal responsibility to arrange transportation and then pulled the rug out from under those convinced Connect was there for them.  Connect may tell Bloomington and Normal they need to pay more now – meaning everybody has to pay more.

Connect Transit has run out of other people’s money and are desperate for more.  What are they going to do when the Feds decide funding empty buses isn’t worth the money anymore?

Last Monday’s Bloomington City Council meeting needs one correction.  It was implied that the contract Connect has with ISU charges per rider.  It does not.  This year ISU is paying Connect $45,416.66 a month if 10 people ride or 30,000.  They are not paying per person.

Bloomington’s poorest people don’t have the power or money ISU has.  A service created to supposedly help the “most vulnerable” obviously doesn’t.

Maybe if Bloomington wasn’t in the entertainment business and Normal wasn’t busy funding $4200 a month apartments, the money would be available.

Going to vote for the socialist candidates who think government solves problems?

Government creates problems, it never solves them.  Both Towns have representatives on the Connect Transit Board.  The Board must know the huge buses aren’t needed.  Like good little potted plants, they say nothing while the buses destroy infrastructure.





9 thoughts on “More Connect Transit – Socialism!

    1. Really? So are you always comparing apples to hand grenades? I bet you like the Green New Deal? It’s not a climate fix… it’s a socialist takeover of our republic… Read the Green New Deal if you want to see what socialism really is….

  1. I still think it makes sense to just buy 10 stretch limos. Hire drivers (city employees with nice pensions) and we are ready to go. I bet we can attract illegals from all over the country when the word gets out that Blono carts their poor around in limos! We would be making our liberal elites happy and our social justice warriors would be dancing in the streets. I am only guessing, but I think it would be cheaper and I know it would be less damaging to our roads. Imagine the national press attention we would get? People would be visiting just to see the limos in action or ride in them. It’s a win win for everyone!

  2. Speaking of PORTILLOS how’s that big revenue stream they are bring in coming along???
    I ask you Mr KOOS, was it WORTh all the incentives you GAVE them for a HOT DOG STAND??

    1. Almost every weekend there are caravans of cars loaded with people driving to Blono to get a hot dog at the Koos Hot Dog stand. I know this is true because Mayor Koos said that his hot dog stand was going to be a “regional draw” because there are so few of his hot dog stands in Central Illinois. And my question to everyone is: Has Mayor Koos ever lied to the taxpayers or been wrong about anything before?

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