Water Fund: $27,831,465

By:  Diane Benjamin

Almost $28 million is sitting in the Water Fund.  This is the same Fund that lost out on MILLIONS of Dollars because the City neglected for a decade to charge the right Fire Protection fee.

Doesn’t this prove that fee isn’t needed?

The fund balances were presented at Monday’s Bloomington City Council meeting:  PDF page 4  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=21417


Why is the City sitting on all that money in the Water Fund?  Why are automatic increases scheduled for Solid Waste when that fund looks pretty good. 

I predict the contract with VenuWorks will not be cancelled, it was mentioned they had a great month during the meeting.  Good for them is not losing thousands of dollars.

Normally a Master Plan could be pulled out to see what the future holds for Water.  Unfortunately the City doesn’t have a Water Master Plan:  http://www.cityblm.org/government/advanced-components/documents/-folder-107

They have Master Plans for everything else!

We know at least 5 people on the City council think it’s fine to steal more of your money – Motor Fuel Tax.  Mathy, Buragas, Painter, Hauman, and Bray all voted for it.

Mayor Transparency?

What justification is the City using to stockpile even more money in the Water Fund by allowing the never instituted rate increase to take place May 1st and following?


Will the Council prove again who they really represent?  Hint:  It isn’t you.


3 thoughts on “Water Fund: $27,831,465

  1. It is very simple. Ratbastard Renner wants a sports complex with his name on it. He has promised the council members will have their names on the dedication plaque.

      1. I would hope that you are correct but remember to them “laws don’t matter”. In this state they would say we are taking a loan out. Payable 2519, and that would be acceptable. The sad thing is if they would pay it off, Illinois would still be paying off its’ debt from 500 years ago. Event though the state income tax was now 99% they only bought more shiny things.

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