Fire Protection Charge Stealing money

By:  Diane Benjamin We know the City or Bloomington seriously screwed up: first by ridiculous fees to businesses who were required to install fire suppression equipment when their buildings were built second by failing to charge the fees the Council stupidly enacted way back in 2008. This proves how incompetent government can be – […]

Update to yesterday’s “Error” story

By: Diane Benjamin Link to the original story: The loss to the Water Department is likely much greater than I estimated. The charge to businesses is based on the size of the line. The $6.80 per month that should have increase to $27.20 a month is for a 1 inch line. Automatic increases mean […]

UPDATE #2: HUGE Bloomington Error

Jim Karch just informed me the letter was sent to around 1200 businesses. Doing rough calculations, this cost the Water Department about the same amount they lost when the City diverted $2.4 million to the Coliseum from their Fund – and then wrote off the loss. On the bright side, this money stayed in […]