Connect Transit Destroys Infrastructure!

By:  Diane Benjamin

While the Councils in both Bloomington and Normal cheer Connect Transit as a great community asset – the streets citizens are forced to pay more for are being destroyed.  They weren’t built for huge buses.  Imagine how much worse the damage would be if more than 3 people were on them!

Remember when one took out a fire hydrant on St. Josephs drive?  Turning right from Washington there is no way to navigate the turn if cars are sitting at the light on St. Josephs Dr.  So drive over the curb!

That is exactly what is happening by Portillos.  A reader took the video below.  All those ADA accesses, curbs, edges of streets, and utilities located too close are being destroyed by this great community asset.

You get to pay again for repairs that will need to be repeated every year.

Watch the video with or without sound, it’s only 53 seconds.  Ask Rodney Davis and Darin Lahood why they are wasting our tax dollars.


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