Witness Slip needed today!


By:  Diane Benjamin

The movie Unplanned will be coming to Galaxy 14 Cine, the date has not been posted yet.    It is rated “R” only because it has a 20 second sonogram video of a baby fighting for it’s life. Take your teenage kids, we can end the slaughter of children with facts.  Roe V Wade was never settled law.  The court noted that future technology could clarify when life begins.  We now know it was never a clump of cells.

I hear the local paper failed to mention the shut-down capital last week by Pro-Life supporters.  See one of the many stories other media did:  https://www.liveaction.org/news/thousands-illinois-capitol-protest-abortion?fbclid=IwAR0Qpg8UM3VqdSQW9kCU__Ls0q85XFLAxbXbcK47lZvNIWkQbSz-FL-Ej7M 


The Democrats are the culture of death in Illinois.  Pritzker wants to be the abortion capital of the Midwest.


The last time we needed witness slips the opposition completely overwhelmed the supporters.  If you didn’t file one for HB 2495, go here:  HB 2495 Witness slips

The previous slips filed are still listed.  Click the link of you just want to see the tally!  The opposition is phenomenal!


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