Remember Earmarks?

By: Diane Benjamin Earmarks are a way the elected officials in Washington DC claim to bring federal dollars back to their district. Often bills can’t get passed unless these “gifts” are tacked on to bills. House and Senate members tell leadership they will vote for some ridiculous bill is you give me X. Earmarks were […]

5 Things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Pantagraph article on the Normal Town Council meeting: Excerpt: Did the reporter watch the meeting? A “number of people” were disrupting the meeting. Was the reporter told not to mention the only reason Public Comment was moved is because Stan Nord made a motion to let them speak? It wasn’t […]

Blame LaHood and Davis

Earmarks are back! Earmarks are out of control spending for petty projects locals should pay for themselves instead of asking the feds to print money for them. Democrats resurrected them when they took control of the House. A Champaign columnist printed the facts. Excerpts: Among those representing central Illinois, Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, has […]

Brad McMillan – he didn’t know?

By: Diane Benjamin McMIllan has this pinned to the top of his Facebook campaign page: Even though Ray Lahood lied to the FBI, the justice system has laws for the well connected and different laws for the rest of us. Brad McMillan was right by Lahood’s side. He didn’t know Lahood failed to disclose a […]

Connect Transit Destroys Infrastructure!

By:  Diane Benjamin While the Councils in both Bloomington and Normal cheer Connect Transit as a great community asset – the streets citizens are forced to pay more for are being destroyed.  They weren’t built for huge buses.  Imagine how much worse the damage would be if more than 3 people were on them! Remember […]

Darin Lahood: public embarrassment

By:  Diane Benjamin US representative Darin Lahood must know about the BILLIONS the federal government is throwing at public transportation.  The local bus services only loses $900,000 every month, but many cities lose more.  The federal government is wasting our tax dollars evidently for votes.  Seriously folks, people can’t be transported locally for less money […]

Connect Transit tears

See this story for the totals: By:  Diane Benjamin I didn’t attend the Connect Transit meeting last night, but I have reports from people who did. Of course people spoke that rely on buses, but people also spoke about BUDGETING a $12,000,000 loss when the country and the State of Illinois both have no […]

School news you might have missed

By:  Diane Benjamin First, remember how Darin Lahood told us he was a conservative?  Didn’t he say he would stop Common Core? He voted YES on the massive Education funding bill this week without reading it.  Nobody in Congress had time to read it.  The same games played by John Boehner continue under Paul Ryan. […]

Debate: Mike Flynn on term limits

By:  Diane Benjamin This comment by Mike Flynn is one of my favorites from last night’s debate.  Darin LaHood refused to say how many terms he would serve. After the debate Fistbump tried to ask LaHood again for a number instead of rhetoric about supporting term limits – he got shoved by LaHood campaign manager.    

Flynn vrs LaHood

By:  Diane Benjamin Don Rients is a really nice conservative guy.  He is smart and the kind of guy who should be in government.  In the 18th District he doesn’t have a chance, he has no major backers and not a lot of money.  I really hope he stays in politics and runs for his County […]

LaHood = Hillary Update #2

The Flynn open house is THURSDAY, not Friday By:  Diane Benjamin Hillary Clinton announced she is running for President about 6 weeks ago.  She has yet to do an interview with the press, instead she has staged events with supporters only.  Coronation?  She demands it – mainly because people flee when she opens her mouth.  […]

LaHood: More disturbing Cash

By:  Diane Benjamin Donations to Darin LaHood from Political Action Committees: Source: BILL PAC See who donates and receives contributions from this PAC here: The Founder of this PAC is a career politician and heads the Transportation Committee in the House.  Bill Shuster took over his dad’s seat after a scandal involving a […]

Darin LaHood: Please stop pretending

By:  Diane Benjamin If Darin LaHood is a TEA Party conservative, why is a group founded to defeat TEA Party candidates giving him money? Source: See this story: “In the year since he stepped down from Congress, Steven C. LaTourette, a Republican from Ohio, has emerged as one of the top generals in […]