Connect Transit: Record losses!

By: Diane Benjamin

PDF page 8: July 2022

PDF page 15: August 2022

Fixed Route ridership was down in August by .04% from the same month last year/

Mobility ridership was up 45% during the same time period, of course the policy changed so the price on either is the same.

Video of the meetings are now available, good luck understanding anything that is said:

PDF page 22 told me who not to vote for:

PDF page 24: – Koos is one of them

PDF page 37 has a link to Pritzker’s latest Executive Order – the same one he posts every 30 days even though the Illinois Constitution says 30 days max! (Dictator, not governor)

PDF page 39-40

Connect is hiring a consult to: “Engage community partners, build public confidence in Connect, and increase ridership.”






5 thoughts on “Connect Transit: Record losses!

  1. Unreal. Can you hear the sound of tax dollars going down the drain? Such a collosal waste of our money. This is the unelected Administrative State spending our tax money.

  2. The only way to. stop this is to tell Me.. LaHood to stop supporting it at the national level.

  3. Connect Transit is an perfect example of our government. They waste our money, then work hard to waste more!

  4. At least they finally expanded that corner by Portillo’s that was constantly being damaged then fixed. I know that was a priority for most people, wasn’t it? Haha. It only took them, what? Years. It took them years to do something about it. I guess it wouldn’t be a proper government if they didn’t spend money pointlessly.

    P.S. – A bit off topic, but does anyone else laugh at the trucks waiting to deliver to Rivian on Main Street that park all along the shoulder next to signs that say “Don’t park on the shoulder?” And they’re still dumping their garbage there too. I guess Rivian is too important to fine their delivery drivers for parking illegally.

    But again, corrupt government will act corruptly. I can’t say I’m surprised.

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