LaHood: More disturbing Cash

By:  Diane Benjamin

Donations to Darin LaHood from Political Action Committees:


LaHood PAC


See who donates and receives contributions from this PAC here:

The Founder of this PAC is a career politician and heads the Transportation Committee in the House.  Bill Shuster took over his dad’s seat after a scandal involving a lobbyist forced dad to quit.  Shuster is now dating a lobbyist, but evidently it’s legal.   Source:

Future Leaders PAC

This site shows only 1 donor in 2014 – Jerry Lewis PAC – $5000

Jerry Lewis PAC has no information on this PAC.  It was started by former Rep. Jerry Lewis (Ca) who decided not to run for reelection, so he converted his campaign balance of $856,408 into a PAC.  Lewis was also involved in a controversy involving lobbying and funneling money to them as the head of the House Appropriations Committee:

Republican Main Street PAC

I wrote about this PAC a few days ago:


See donor and recipients here:

The PAC was started by Rep Peter Roskam (Il) to raise his profile.  He wanted to be Eric Cantor – now defeated House Majority Leader:

If LaHood is really a TEA Party conservative, why are so many establish GOP insiders giving him money?

The Illinois GOP establishment hates conservatives.  If LaHood is really a conservative, why are they not running a candidate against him?







3 thoughts on “LaHood: More disturbing Cash

  1. Aaron Schock will convert his campaign dollars to a Pac as well. That’s just a matter of time. He may go to prison first. Darin LaHood is best prepared to follow in Schock’s footsteps. He’s just more of the same. The only difference is that LaHood will probably be smarter than Schock in hiding his corruption.

  2. I heard on the news yesterday they can’t find Schock. Who ever it was suing to get the donated money back wasn’t able to serve Schock papers because he can’t be located.

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