They found the video!

By:  Diane Benjamin


Watch the public comment at the beginning of the meeting.  Deb Polzin was especially good, but some of the others were great too.  No wonder the video got lost for a while.

The standing ovation for Judy Stearns and her comments after begin at 27:00.  See Sage sitting the entire time, Painter had trouble standing up but finally did.

The discussion of David Hales’ raise begins at 1:55 – see it for yourself.  Who actually cares about taxpayers?


3 thoughts on “They found the video!

  1. Why do you have to assume the worst with everyone and everything? They have a YouTube channel. The longer the live stream, the longer it takes for YouTube to process it. Last night was a marathon meeting, so it stands to reason it would take longer to show up on YouTube “on-demand.” This has NOTHING to do with city hall.

    1. Nice try McCoy. We have no reason to assume as we have seen enough. You just don’t know this council.

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