Fly on the Wall: Embarrassed?

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I know all – I see all
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UPDATE here:

I was flying around looking for video from last night’s Council meeting.  The work session is on-line, but not the Council meeting.

Was David Sage embarrassed when everybody in the room stood and applauded Judy Stearns while he sat?

Was David Sage embarrassed by his fawning over David Hales and demand for a raise?

Was Tari Renner embarrassed by a citizen who attacked his leadership and treatment of Stearns during public comment?

Is the City trying to hide video evidence of raiding savings because they can’t set priorities?

Did somebody think everything pertinent was submitted and so the hard drive was wiped?

Maybe when the editing is done it will magically appear.

Funny how every other meeting has been available by the next morning.


6 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Embarrassed?

  1. I can remember when David Sage was elected over Mike Mateka (sp) and came onto the council with some very conservative views. Unfortunately, as often happens, those views have faded over the years. It is disappointing to hear he did not recognize Judy regardless of his feelings towards her or her positions on the issues.

    It makes me wonder why people in politics always gravitate towards the liberal or big government side, rather than embracing conservative principles? My guess is the libs outwork the conservatives in getting their message out, especially to elected officials?

  2. The video is currently on-line. I believe there are technical issues because I could not access the complete agenda packet until Sunday afternoon when in the past it had been available on Friday. I was at the meeting and was frustrated with the way many of the things were handled. Some of the “ordinances” had the “date passed” typed in prior to the meeting. Typed motions were drawn up and presented to the Council members prior to a vote. Poor Mr. Lower. I was glad to see his comment about standing his ground.

  3. I watched the video and I don’t think Hales stood up either. I’m sure Sage was just following his idol.

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