Darin LaHood: Please stop pretending

By:  Diane Benjamin

If Darin LaHood is a TEA Party conservative, why is a group founded to defeat TEA Party candidates giving him money?

Source:  http://fec.gov/fecviewer/CandCmteTransaction.do

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See this story:


“In the year since he stepped down from Congress, Steven C. LaTourette, a Republican from Ohio, has emerged as one of the top generals in the establishment Republicans’ war against the Tea Party.”

“It is a role that has benefited the Main Street Partnership, a corporate-backed advocacy group he runs, and its effort to raise millions of dollars to protect centrist Republicans from Tea Party challengers. ”

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8 thoughts on “Darin LaHood: Please stop pretending

  1. The Tea Party as a group started out with great intentions but the leadership has been compromised imo. The support for Ted Cruz is an embarrassment as he was born in Canada and his claim of being a naturalized citizen has not yet been proven to be true as far as I know. If true, this would open up the floodgates of letting anyone, born anywhere, to be the POTUS. Not to mention that the Tea Party has supported some real idiots out there just because they were the lesser of two evils.

      1. Well I might have inserted foot into mouth on that one but I still have (other) doubts about Cruz that I will not go into here. Still think the Tea Party support for Romney was bad call. Would like to see this group reach out to some better people even if they are underdogs.
        Somewhere, some day I would like to see someone besides a neocon or neoliberal as the only “choices” rather than the same old lessor of the two evils crap.

        1. Then look at Cruz. TEA support for Romney? He was the bottom of the picks. If a conservative isn’t nominated this time say goodbye to freedom.

      2. But isn’t McConnell pushing for an extension of the patriot act? I don’t the “conservatives” in Washington are conservative at all. Real conservatives and even progressives would be against domestic spying and protecting freedoms and civil liberties.

  2. The general GOP sees the tea party as a threat to their standard monied backers. The powers that be understand that a united party is the best way to push through their agenda.

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