Fly on the Wall: PARCC

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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Heard this morning NCHS students can NOT opt out of the PARCC test this week.

Money talks and Unit 5 is willing to use tyranny to keep it.  The Obama administration taught them well.  Tyranny works, unfortunately the kids are programmed to comply.

Of course, the kids could pick the first answer for every question!

10 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: PARCC

  1. I battled Kingsley about this before. in a nutshell, students and parents cannot “opt out” as there is no provision to do so. The school is required to administer the test. They need something like 95% participation rate to get their funding. That being said, they also cannot “force” kids to take it. Meaning if they choose to sit and not answer the test or answer falsely etc, the school cannot do anything about it. The school just does not have to provide an alternative activity for the student during that time. And there is no disciplinary measures in place either to deal with students who refuse to take it.

  2. There has never been an opt-out for PARCC. Nothing has changed since a few weeks ago. They can “refuse” when the test is given, but they can’t opt-out of the test. This isn’t news. And Unit 5 or any of the schools control it.

  3. Weren’t these funding for testing schemes arrived at under “No Child Left Behind” which Bush supported along with Ted Kennedy? Most everyone thinks it is a terrible idea… even progressives hate it

  4. If you have kids and are against it, encourage them to to get creative. Draw pictures with their bubbled answers, choose “C” for every answer, etc., etc.

    Politically, just follow the money. Politicians on both sides are benefitting from the Pearson Corporation’s extremely effective bribery, er lobbying. Pearson is making a KILLING off of this. These test have to do with one thing: money. That’s it, nothing else.

  5. It is ALL about money! Results don’t come back until the fall, so no benefit to the current teacher, student, or parents. I kept my third grader home last year during the testing, let her take them this year, but next year I will be taking her out of school during the testing hours.

  6. dont forget embedded in this test/common core regulations is all the data tracking. They will be tracking your student from K-12 on a national level. Also, there is provisions for biometric feedback to be collected as well. but currently we are not doing it.
    I encourage everyone to read into it.

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