How politics works

By: Diane Benjamin See all first quarter campaign contribution to Chris Koos here, others might surprise you: Connect Transit will likely be announcing the new General Manager soon. They are meeting in Executive Session tomorrow for “personnel issues”.

Where do campaign contributions go?

By:  Diane Benjamin I’m not going to check the Facebook or websites of every Democrat running for election, but I checked a few. If you contribute to any of the below why is ActBlue getting the money?  That’s the same organization contributions to Black Lives Matter go to.  We do know those contributions don’t end […]

Proof money can’t buy local elections

By:  Diane Benjamin JB might have bought the governorship, but it didn’t work in the McLean County Clerk’s race. The final contribution numbers to candidates are not yet available.  I can tell you what contributions are listed to date on the Board of Elections website. Nikita Richards received $20,720     Nikita Richards Here’s a few […]

Bill Mitchell’s Funding

By:  Diane Benjamin Mitchell is my representative and one of the guys who defected from the Republican Party to raise your taxes.  I wonder if he knew that bill also raises gas taxes .05 a gallon?  I doubt it since nobody had time to read the bill.  More surprises may surface. Today I got a […]

Election on Issues or Attacks?

By:  Diane Benjamin The local press needs to decide if they are media or propaganda machines for Tari Renner. The people behind the Facebook page attacking Kevin Lower are Renner supporters.  This is a tweet from one of them proving the connection to Renner: Justin Boyd is Renner’s campaign chairman.  The vile people behind the […]

The price of “Let’s all agree”

By:  Diane Benjamin The following information was received by a reader under the Freedom of Information Act. Remember Lynn Montei?  She’s the facilitator who leads retreats.  The goal is getting the Council to all agree with David Hales.  Montei led last November’s retreat and the one this summer.  (maybe others)  I thought Alderman Hauman was […]

What’s up with this Tari?

By:  Diane Benjamin When Tari was running for office, he received campaign contributions totaling $1500 from Prairie PAC. Source: So, who is Prairie PAC? Dick Durbin! Source: Guess who contributed to Prairie PAC? BRONNER, GILA HIGHLAND PARK, IL 60035 BRONNER GROUP, LLC/PRESIDENT & CEO 09/23/11 $500 In February, Bloomington hired the Bronner […]

LaHood: More disturbing Cash

By:  Diane Benjamin Donations to Darin LaHood from Political Action Committees: Source: BILL PAC See who donates and receives contributions from this PAC here: The Founder of this PAC is a career politician and heads the Transportation Committee in the House.  Bill Shuster took over his dad’s seat after a scandal involving a […]