Dan Brady, ISU, local Democrats, more SLBB and Pay-To-Play

By:  Diane Benjamin

Dan Brady:

It took until last night to connect with Dan Brady about HB 2040.  See this story:  https://blnnews.com/2019/05/06/illinois-gop-a-minority-on-purpose/

He told me he didn’t hear any opposition to the bill, one of the reasons he voted YES.  Evidently we aren’t a Representative Republic where the elected reflect the values of the people who voted for them.

Read the whole text of the bill here:  http://ilga.gov/legislation/fulltext.asp?DocName=&SessionId=108&GA=101&DocTypeId=HB&DocNum=2040&GAID=15&LegID=117547&SpecSess=&Session=

Dan does not believe this bill bans the facility Dwight agreed to pursue since that is Federal.  The word “federal” is not in this bill, so I tend to agree.  I did tell him I thought the bill was anti-business and it was very strange the Republicans were split on their vote.  He said they usually agree and many bills in Springfield are anti-business, he claims to do what he can.  I told him voting like this makes it hard to see two parties actually exist in Illinois.  Dan is in GOP leadership in the House, he didn’t respond to that comment.


Illinois State University is reaping what they sow.  When Marxist – Socialist – Communist professors are allowed to indoctrinate kids, it leads to letters like this one in the school newspaper:    Why We Can’t Be Redbird Proud

5 students contributed. They have the far left talking points down – the support staff needs to be paid a Living Wage – $25 per hour.  It doesn’t matter what the value of their labor is.

Evidently ISU is holding employees as slaves:


The kids must not know ISU employees are there only because they haven’t quit.  If life was so horrible, they would.  These employees might realize they aren’t going to make as much money anywhere else, get lavish benefits, and a pension if they leave.  Don’t employees kids get free education too?

You created these leftists ISU, have fun dealing with them.

McLean County Democrats:

From the Local Democrats Facebook page – Killing babies is healthcare.


I wonder if euthanizing seniors and really sick people is healthcare too?

Under Canada’s socialist healthcare system it is – not enough money to take care of everybody!  Medicare For All!  ‘Every three hours’ someone in Canada is euthanized, report reveals

By careful around Democrats is you are pre-born, elderly, sick, or just too expensive to treat.

If you believe life in all forms is sacred, how can you be a Democrat?

Bloomington Bills and Payroll:

1)  More Sick Leave Buy Back


7 more Bloomington employees are taking the money and running.

PDF page 6:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=21731

2)  Connect Transit gets your money:

ct may

3)  Coliseum – wonder how many payments in total?

colis may

4)  Is this the same guy who was on the downtown task force?    https://blnnews.com/2017/09/06/hey-bloomington-2/


This grant is named after Harriet Fuller – but it’s your money:  http://www.cityblm.org/home/showdocument?id=4101

5)  This company is owned by Tim and Tom Kirk:


Campaign contribution to Tari:  https://www.illinoissunshine.org/committees/32320/


Tim contributed to Tari Renner’s campaign in 2013



Henson also got a check for $20,676 for Solid Waste Disposal.  See PDF pages 44-48.

Didn’t these guys sell the North Main property to the City too?  The one that is still generating no taxes?  See the story linked above.

Pay-To-Play Tari?

6)  PDF page 141 and following have a bunch of Wire Transfers going back to November.  It appears they were never approved, Monday night they will be without comment.



13 thoughts on “Dan Brady, ISU, local Democrats, more SLBB and Pay-To-Play

  1. While I do not believe there is any reason these people noted should get a pay increase to $25 hour — which is $1000 per week or $52,000 a year. $52,000 a year a minimum living wage? I guess if you have your iphone,
    200 channel cable TV ,and paying the high taxes of Illinois…. But as the editor notes. Hey, if you don’t like it come to the private sector and see iif you can find such a job….unemployment is low and they say there are plenty of jobs out there.
    I do agree with the question of $1 million for a basketball staff and $1.2 million for top salaries. But again don’t believe that money should be spent on giving the “poor” unfortunates a raise. It should be part of COST CUTTING. The writers also seem to miss the inflated pensions and underworked teachers who cary home $1000,000 plus a year.
    Aw the young are stupid and brain washed. I almost hope for a depression so these idiots would learn what earning a living means.


      1. The depression officially started in Illinois on the day after elections in Nov. of 2018. JB and the dems will finish off getting Illinois to junk bond status due to industries and people leaving the state.

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  2. I checked my Alderman’s page no mention of bills or pay to play. I live in Ward 6. All I saw was something about a title change. Here, I thought she ran on a campaign of working for the people in her Ward, She is just another politician. It sad to see how many she has fooled. Good thing THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT.


      1. From what I have been able to gather, in the past anyway, back when I still interacted with some of these imbeciles now and then, a LOT of stuff is decided at their little private parties/get togethers – the “official” decisions are just a formality and a facade to appease the sheep. I HIGHLY doubt anything has improved/changed since. The deplorables especially have no worth or input into anything – they aren’t invited to the party.

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  3. Washington State, Washington DC, Oregon, California, Vermont all allow for assisted suicide, so what’s your point? If someone has terminal illness many people believe that they should have right to a dignified end to their extreme pain. Who are you to say they should hang on to the bitter end? Canada’s assisted suicide has the same rules as those states, the person asking must be of sound mind. They must have a terminal illness. Consent can be withdrawn at any time. No one in Canada or any of the states that allow assisted suicide are doing so because they have too many people to treat. That’s really offensive and wrong.


    1. Canada has a set amount they are willing to spend. When that runs out and people have to wait.6 months for a doctor’s appointment, they wait or come here from treatment. 200,000 a year get treatment here, keep in mind their population is much smaller than theirs, so that’s a big percent of sick citizens.


  4. Did you notice that one of the ISU snowfla……..er……economic experts is named JUANA CARRILLO? Wonder if she “jumped the fence” right behind her big Sister, AlderMAN Crazy Jenn?


  5. No, our kids don’t get completely free tuition, but they do get 50% off tuition (only) at any state school. It’s a nice perk, I’ll admit.

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