The News Thinks Dan Brady is Wrong

By:  Diane Benjamin

I reported in May Dan Brady voted YES on HB 2040 – the bill (now signed into law)  bans private immigration detention centers.

I asked him why he voted YES, he told me it would’t affect the Dwight location.  It sounds like Dan is the only person who believes that, the media is reporting the bill does.  Up to 300 jobs will not be created in Dwight.

Jim Durkin – GOP House leader also voted YES.  Other Republicans voted YES too.


  • The Illinois GOP is useless – Dan Brady is in leadership of the House
  • Republican Mike Unes was present but didn’t vote
  • Illinois uses the same failed “right fit” philosophy for job creation as the locals
  • Legal citizens will be paying more taxes because job growth isn’t allowed
  • Laws are immaterial now that Illinois is a sanctuary state.

Republicans could not have stopped this bill since the GOP has no power in Springfield.  They love being in the extreme minority since the same party chair is still in charge after getting wiped out last November:  Tim Schneider

Usually when failure is obvious a reorganization happens.  Not in the IL GOP.  It looks like democrats are running the party.

Many in the IL GOP don’t attempt to fight the failed policies of democrats.  Of course that means they aren’t fighting for you either.

Dan Brady needs replaced.  Since he shows up everywhere, let him know he’s done.  We need a conservative party, not two democrat parties.


9 thoughts on “The News Thinks Dan Brady is Wrong

  1. Well said Diane. Dan Brady does not represent conservative views and spends more time pandering to the unions than representing his constituents who elected him.What has he done to combat the destructive Democrat policies in Springfield….nothing!
    He is another poster boy for why term limits are needed.

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    1. Country Bumpkin, the big term limits derby is the 2020 election. If a majority of We the People would choose to exercise our civic duty by not only voting but also by
      participating in some way in this coming election, the need for term limits could be reduced.
      State Reps are elected for a two year term. This has resulted in cycle of a two year re-election merry go round. People, please, please, find a means to participate. It will make you feel better about yourself, and about our precious Nation.

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      1. Agreed. The best term limits are voters. Brady hasn’t faced serious opposition from the Dems despite representing a winnable district. Hmm…


  2. Oh noooo, not THE Dan Brady, surely there must be more than one Brady. No body could appear in that many places every day.


  3. The IL GOP is scared of being called names by the Democrats on the school playground. So, they vote “Yes” and tell their constituents that this will have no impact on the Dwight detention center. Even if it doesn’t (assuming for the sake of argument), the GOP has empowered the Dems to take more and reach higher in their ambitions. Do you think they’re going to stop here?

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  4. Nothing changes no matter who is in office anyway. Illinois is like New York where the major metropolitan area might as well be considered a city-state as in ancient Greece or the Roman Empire. In reality, that is what Illinois is. I read two reports over the past two days that there is nothing on the horizon to change the trend of out-migration in this state. I say good. If you are not at least thinking of leaving or planning to do so when possible you have my sympathies. If you are not encouraging your children to do so, then shame on you. I smile everyday that my children have opted out of the Illinois vicious circle and will raise their family elsewhere. In the coming years, the brain drain will become so devastating that this state will become an economic and social catastrophe inhabited by only greedy politicians overseeing a population of life’s losers as their subjects who have no money or no futures to support their sick policies. Remember, what goes around usually comes around.

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  5. ILL-annoy. Chase out the productive and the thinkers. Welcome ignorance and rule the day. Enough big states do this, the electoral college is swayed. Absolute corrupt power control and remains until the uprising.


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