Illinois GOP, a minority on purpose

By:  Diane Benjamin

State GOP Chair Tim Schneider led the Republican Party in a wipe-out last November.  The Republicans have zero power in Springfield thanks to his leadership.  There is now a lawsuit connected to the election of the State Central Committeeman over election improprieties.  Schneider is accused of stealing the election.   Details here:  19-0422 winchester appeal letter

Schneider should have slinked away in shame, but control of the losers must be attractive.

Last week the Republican Chair of the McLean County Board, John McIntyre, advocated for the State raising the Motor Fuel Tax.   Republicans now think giving government more money to throw out the window is a winning strategy!  Instead of promoting reforms, like a constitutional amendment to reform pensions, the local GOP wants you taxed more.  Pensions now swallow over 25% of the total State budget and are expected to reach 50% in the not too distant future.   No need to reform pensions when taxes can be raised,  The Progressive Tax amendment will be on the ballot.  We can all pay higher gas taxes and higher income taxes, the Democrats are lying about “taxing the rich”.  the Illinois exodus will accelerate.

That brings me to House Bill 2040 – the bill that makes it illegal in Illinois for private companies to run detention centers.  The bill passed the House 85-26.

Why would anyone vote NO?  Democrats I can understand since they have no problem with illegals living in Illinois.  This bill was passed to keep Dwight from having the detention facility they approved.  Don’t forget who sponsored the recent protest there:

It looks like those sponsors now control the Democrats.  The bill also proves Democrats are anti-business.  See this article for more Democrat thoughts:

Why would any Republican vote Yes?  I thought the GOP was the party of “laws matter”.  I also thought they were pro-business and understood the private sector can do any job better and cheaper than the government bureaucracy.  Of course, we are in Illinois where the last Republican governor signed the “Trust act” making the entire state a sanctuary for illegals.

Which Republicans voted yes?  Dan Brady did, but he wasn’t alone.  I called his local office, no answer.  I called his Springfield office, they didn’t know why he voted yes and Dan wasn’t in.  I’m suppose to get an answer tomorrow.

Below is the vote on HB 2040.  I used this list of House Republicans:

McSweeny ran as a republican, he is no longer listed at the above link.  The names with STARS are Republicans who voted no, the others are members of the GOP who voted YES – including the Leader.  Note Unes and Welter just didn’t vote.  What were they afraid of?  Don’t forget Unes was one of the Republican who voted with the Democrats to raise the income tax.

HB 2040

This bill has passed a committee in the Senate,  One Republican failed to vote and one voted present.  Governing and standing for anything must be too difficult.

senate 2040

Yes, the Republicans are in the minority.  In Illinois they always will be because they don’t stand for anything.  People have no reason to support the Republican Party here.   Party Chair Tim Schneider is making sure it stays the way,

Have you donated to the State Republican party?  Schneider is likely using your money to stall the lawsuit as long as possible.

7 thoughts on “Illinois GOP, a minority on purpose

  1. All that I can say, is get out of Illinois. I moved to Indiana last April because I left State Farm for a job with Cummins. This was one of my best decisions. Taxes are lower here and we got a new road in our subdivision. The old road wasn’t in that bad of shape.

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  2. They’re are really nothing more than place holders, seat warmers, but they collect a salary. I was going to say they don’t do anything, but they actually do–they help the leftist marxist democrats. I would also say they should feel ashamed, except they’re incapable of feeling shame. They’re all no good, right down to Brady & Brady. Living the dream on our dime. I can honestly say they’re pigs.

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    1. Just like the Pantagraph gets away with doing a lousy job because it has no competition, Illinois Republicans often consider themselves in the same position. Perhaps it’s time to give more consideration to the Libertarians?

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  3. In BN/McLean County, it is of utmost importance to be part of the inner circle than to stand for anything. Privately, the local parties hate each other but that wouldn’t look good in public for the those who are club members. Instead they choose to dance together on the same floor and put on a charade for the locals. The local Dems like to put on the act they are working for the common good of the community, but behind the scenes, sharpen and use their knives frequently, against those they say they work with in public. Organized labor leadership and local Dems politicians and some government department heads are particularly good at this act. The Repubs on the other hand don’t care they are getting used as long as they get re-elected and get invited to fancy parties and events and get community awards.

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  4. I am really sick of the wishy washy moderate GOP. Guess what? Going along to get along is what got us Rauner. How’d that work out for everyone? the GOP needs to face facts: the Left is NEVER going to like you. Your only play to to lock down your base. Many formerly loyal Republican voters stayed home last November or left the governor spot blank. Voting for JB was clearly out of the question for them, but they could not bring themselves to support a governor who allowed public funding of abortion and made IL a sanctuary state in all but name. It’s time to try real conservatism. The past, moderate model has not and is not working. What do we have to lose?


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