WHO was behind Dwight Protest?

By: Diane Benjamin

The participants who disrupted the Dwight City Council meeting want you to believe they are just concerned citizens. They aren’t.

The group was nice enough to do a fancy video of them marching through Dwight and commenting in the gym. No, I won’t post the video. The end has a list of the groups behind the march, at least they are transparent:

Illinois Peoples Action have admitted they are Democratic Socialists. See their 2017 tax return here, contributions were less than previous years:

Why did their Executive Director – Don Carlson – get paid $62,000 not including benefits? That’s grassroots?

The local Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) participated too.

Sensing a theme?

ICIRR want Welcoming Ordinances that limit cooperation with ICE: https://www.icirr.org/welcoming-cities

CRLN and Interfaith Community use religion as a basis for promoting illegal immigration. They leave out the word “illegal” and replace it with “refugee”.

Connect Kankakee is more of the same: http://connectkankakee.com/news/

Obviously the goal of all these groups is open borders. They are organizing for the purpose of overthrowing the government since we were founded under capitalism which is the opposite of what they advocate. They claim Democratic Socialism is very different from real socialism. What they want is mob rule (theirs) making all the decisions. The socialism will eventually turn will turn violent when they need to use force to stay in power. History, history, history.

If you want to see how a socialist would govern, Jenn Carrillo didn’t hold back when she answered questions for WGLT: https://www.wglt.org/post/candidate-questionnaire-jenn-carrillo?fbclid=IwAR2XAMubBD4HBof5sVw0dXqkG-hNXNOIEb3sXve8Di6UfYq5so9jsyv7-UY#stream/0


(She must not know MANY of the City employees earn more than the HOUSEHOLD medium income)

Jenn probably doesn’t know this since she didn’t come to this country until she was 10. She needs some good history books that cover real history – good and bad.

8 thoughts on “WHO was behind Dwight Protest?

  1. What we’ve got to understand about Jenn and the other candidates for Bloomington City Council, with the exception of Donna and Chip, is that they are bought and paid for by Tari Renner. Karen Schmidt has a tough job sitting at the left hand of Tari Renner and apparently she isn’t doing a good enough job of it in Tari’s world. He’s recruited Jenn to replace her. More than anything this election is about the failed leadership of Tari Renner. Karen Schmidt is a Democrat and if there was anything normal or mainstream about Tari, he’d be happy to have her on his side and doing everything he could to work with her. But, she can’t work with him any better than the rest of this town and so we have candidates like Jenn. It’s another bad mark on Tari’s already failing report card. He’s not a Karen Schmidt Democrat, he’s a radical socialist. You wonder why we don’t have a better field of candidates? Who would like to work with Tari? Not many signing up for the job.

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    1. Every now and then (maybe 3% or less), Schmidt doesn’t tow the Renner line. Doesn’t matter that she did for years. Nah, ya disagree with Taxin’ Tari just one time and he’ll be looking for your replacement. That’s how tyrants operate and that seems to be the case here.


  2. I sure as heck wouldn’t even want to be in the SAME room as Tari. I’ve SEEN the EVIL LOOKS he gets when he is at restaurants, etc.
    As for the subject at hand, having actually LISTENED in art class in college, and observed in my travels.. The graphics above ALL have ONE thing in common-which SHOULD scare everyone. They are VERY REMINISCENT of the propaganda posters of the Nazis or even the COMMUNIST regime when they occupied the “eastern bloc” countries. YES, they were FOR the people, as LONG as the people didn’t cross party lines. IF you did that (read disagree with the party) you got FREE housing in another part of the country-insert SIBERIAN GULAG..
    THESE people SHOULD have to go live where SOCIALISM IS PRACTICED, and then they wouldn’t be so gung ho on it. It ISN’T all they “THINK” it is..

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    1. According to her little tantrum pre-meeting in Dwight her family fled a country for better economic security. Apparently she doesn’t realize that America is capitalist and free. She is pretty but she is an idiot. Her parents should be ashamed and also deported to a nice socialist country.


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