Government funding Government

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Advertising on empty Connect Transit buses paid for by taxpayers:

Evidently no local businesses want their name associated with this massive waste of money!

9 thoughts on “Government funding Government

  1. Yes I have noticed this too! BN Disadvantage advertising on Transit Disconnect buses… So the only people dumb enough to want to advertise on a Transit Disconnect bus is a government funded organization? Private companies are not interested in this choice advertising medium? So this is the government stealing money from the taxpayers who give it to worthless government non-profits, who then give that same money to each other? Yes your money gets moved into different pockets before it swirls down a rat hole.

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  2. Mike McCurdle still Board President at Connect and working at WGLT. This is an Ethics Violation. IT IS ILLEGAL! Anyone going to prosecute? Any one at ISU (like the paid ethics officer going to fire him)? Of course not incestuos government partners is the only route to Communism.

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  3. Run government as a business? LOL. OK, well that would mean to live within a budget; this is one business that shouldn’t be driven by (tax) revenue growth. It means be accountable for results or face consequences. It means to lead and act with integrity at all times, and to communicate clearly on priorities, intentions and results (transparency). It means to lift up those around you, to give them a voice, to REPRESENT them. The generations before us, who fought and died for us would be appalled. Enough with the “if I were king for a day” rhetoric, and of “leveling the playing field” by redistributing burdens. It doesn’t work that way. Not anywhere. Oh wait, this is Illinois.


  4. Tell ya what, those Connect bus drivers on East St., can’t drive. When making a left turn they without warning at Washington St. wold steer 1-2 feet into the right hand side lane. I’ve witnessed it a few times. Had I not been paying close attention would have hit my car at least two times now.


  5. Well, isn’t this a TOTAL oxymoron-in SO MANY ways! BN disadvantage wants business to locate here, so they advertise on the busses, which tear up the roads and consume USEFUL tax dollars, thereby raising taxes for the city as a WHOLE, which discourages businesses from locating here. CAN’T FIX STUPID!!

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  6. BN Disadvantage spends money advertising to people that already live here. That’s brilliant! I’m sure people that read that will want to relocate their business here…oh wait, if they’re reading it they already live here. Unreal. Instead, maybe they could travel up to Chicago and pitch some tech businesses on relocating or adding a satellite office Downstate where the costs are much lower. Has Mikey O or the EDC ever tried that? Maybe they could do the same in St. Louis. Do they have an offensive strategy or do they just wait around for people to come asking for a handout? We hear time and again from BN this-and-that organization how amazing the community is, yet they waste time, money, and resources on moronic outreach efforts like advertisements on a local bus line or banners around Uptown that are extremely insular in their outreach. Hello?! Who is going to see it?! These have to be some of the most unimaginative, uncreative, and unambitious people you will ever meet.


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