The HUGE failure of the IML

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Illinois governor is pretending suckering citizens into changing Illinois from a flat tax to a progressive tax will solve all the state’s problems.  It won’t come close, it will hasten Illinois’ decline as more people flee the state.  The ones fleeing will be the producers, the ones that hire other people and generate the most income to the state.

Local governments continue to follow the Illinois Municipal League’s lead.  IML holds conferences to indoctrinate elected officials while charging them handsomely for the privilege.

One would think the IML would have a position on Prizker’s tax.  Has the IML not noticed what has happened to other states who decided to “tax the rich”?  Do they do any homework before declaring how cities should engage in the people’s business?

Evidently not:

neitral IML

Neutral?  Trying not to hack off Democrats with the truth or secretly hoping for more tax money to spend?

Which is it?

If you think you will pay less, you are delusional.  Springfield will consider you fresh meat with full pockets that need picked.

Maybe the IML is advocating for class warfare by staying silent.  They are obviously doing nothing to prevent it!

The Illinois Municipal League has never worked for citizens.  Therefore, those who are elected by those citizens should consider the opinions of the IML immaterial.

They failed to do any homework on legalizing weed too – again neutral:

neutral weed

The screen shots are from the daily email update IML sent out today.







3 thoughts on “The HUGE failure of the IML

  1. Is apathy the cause for the lack of responses to this story ? As long as we get a feather or two in our nests, we just don’t care.

  2. Neutral is a term that should not be in the political spectrum. All it means is let’s wait and see which way the wind blows. If you want to be neutral move to Switzerland. I agree wholeheartedly with you that most people don’t understand IML. But what bothers me is do people really want to understand. You can lead a horse to water … and you Diane are doing your best to bring important things forward, and most of us readers do appreciate this. Please fellow citizens, do not be apathetic. It is a vile disease.

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