The HUGE failure of the IML

By:  Diane Benjamin The Illinois governor is pretending suckering citizens into changing Illinois from a flat tax to a progressive tax will solve all the state’s problems.  It won’t come close, it will hasten Illinois’ decline as more people flee the state.  The ones fleeing will be the producers, the ones that hire other people […]

More Local Dems hilarity

By:  Diane Benjamin Can 97% of taxpayers in Illinois pay less in taxes while the State plans to spend more?  The local Democrat Party must think citizens have ZERO common sense: They don’t mention Springfield is planning to give financial aid to illegal aliens too. The FLAT income tax has been continually increased.  The State […]

Did you know Republicans started class warfare?

There is now an entire website dedicated to class warfare:  It is funded by George Soros. Both political parties can take the blame, but the Democrats are going to take class war to new levels. It’s criminal to be rich in America, unless you  fund the Democratic Party.  We went from a “shining city […]