More Local Dems hilarity

By:  Diane Benjamin

Can 97% of taxpayers in Illinois pay less in taxes while the State plans to spend more?  The local Democrat Party must think citizens have ZERO common sense:


They don’t mention Springfield is planning to give financial aid to illegal aliens too.

The FLAT income tax has been continually increased.  The State can’t escape its one step above junk bond status or pay the bills.  Democrats think the golden goose is taxing the rich!  Once the rich leave, like they have done in state after state, they will be coming for your wallet!

If the progressive tax passes, Democrats can change the brackets anytime they want!  No need to tax everybody, just lower the bar on who pays more. 

It isn’t mathematically possible for 97% to pay less and revenue to increase.

It is also Class Warfare!

Americans strive to raise what class they are in.  Unlike other countries where that isn’t possible, we celebrate success.  The Democrats want to steal it.  Unless it is them, they hate the rich.

Maybe the Democrats plan to tax corporations, they just aren’t saying yet.  They are furious that federal tax rates were lowered.  Watch more businesses leave Illinois.

Here’s what is amusing:

Pritzker will put a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot so people can vote whether to change to a progressive tax, those who vote yes think they will pay less while the rich pay their fair share.

Pritzker will not put a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot to change the pension structure that is causing all the problems.  Currently around 25% of the State budget is paying people who aren’t working.  All those retired people get a 3% raise every year and pay NO STATE INCOME TAX on their windfall!

You can’t fix stupid!

How about a progressive tax on pensions?  Collect over $100,000 – pay your fair share!

Democrats lied about the Trump Tax cuts, they are still lying.




6 thoughts on “More Local Dems hilarity

    1. It would be good to make pensions, especially legislative ones, ‘performance based’. Put a cap of something like ‘median state pay’ + ‘median county pay’ + ‘state per capita private GDP’ – ‘state per capita tax burden’. (That’s version 0.1 so don’t hold me to that exactly on the off chance it actually gets to the point of codifying it.) Then they have a personal interest in Not driving out businesses and high-income individuals and in making sure employment is high and taxes are low. And in thinking long term so it stays that way.


  1. If I were giving bond ratings I would move Illinois to junk status. Ever since Prickster has taken the office he has brought forward more and more spending. He has shown no interest in cutting anything. The state continues to lose people. He has signed off on items that take away business friendly ideas/situations. We are confirmed as the most highly taxed state in the US and yet he wants to add more taxes. None of these is something that resembles a plan to recovery. None of this would give an investor any hopes of a better business environment for Illinois.

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  2. If I was a 3%’er, I’d definitely be moving out ot ILL-annoy. Trying to figure it out anyway cause the state is on such a negative spiral in many respects.


  3. I’ll be moving out of Illinois anyway soon. The giant tax cut for the so called middle class is tiny. Can you say .05%? And how long will that last until our government union extortionists start crying like 2 year olds to fat daddy Pritzker?


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