Now they are flat out lying

By: Diane Benjamin Democrats are desperate to pass the Progressive Income Tax. It is a scam that will hurt Illinois as the people with the money to leave will leave. It has happened in every state that has tried the same. The amendment does open the possibility to tax retirement income, but probably not for […]

More Local Dems hilarity

By:  Diane Benjamin Can 97% of taxpayers in Illinois pay less in taxes while the State plans to spend more?  The local Democrat Party must think citizens have ZERO common sense: They don’t mention Springfield is planning to give financial aid to illegal aliens too. The FLAT income tax has been continually increased.  The State […]

Five Illinois “fair tax” myths

20 Mar 2014 | illinoispolicy Myth #1: “The ‘fair tax’ will only affect the rich.”   Don’t be fooled. The ‘fair tax’ is being sold as a tax on the rich. But under the proposal from state Rep Naomi Jakobsson, D-Urbana, the lawmaker who is sponsoring the bill to put a so-called “fair tax,” or progressive […]