Now they are flat out lying

By: Diane Benjamin

Democrats are desperate to pass the Progressive Income Tax. It is a scam that will hurt Illinois as the people with the money to leave will leave. It has happened in every state that has tried the same.

The amendment does open the possibility to tax retirement income, but probably not for retired government employees collecting pensions. The courts will rule that diminishes their pension so that violates the Illinois Constitution.

The WRONG Amendment is on the ballot!

Pritzker has stated over and over that 97% will pay the same or less. By less he means a minuscule percent less.

Today I got a mailer from claiming this:

You will NOT see a tax cut – Springfield will never have enough money to pay their debts. They won’t be giving you a break. The flyer is LYING.

What is Fair Share? 20%? 50%? 80%?

Fair Share has no definition, it’s whatever government wants to take from you.

Since this is an era when many people are concerned about “fairness” and “social justice,” what is your “fair share” of what someone else has worked for?

13 thoughts on “Now they are flat out lying

  1. I saw yesterday that Illinois policy has sued the state over the wording of this amendment. It is the most deception scheme of government I’ve ever seen and since it preys on the uniformed voter it will pass.

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    1. Yes, it is very close to the same kinds of things that Fascist or Communist governments do all the time. The Democratic Communist Party thinks it always knows what is best for us. They use the most powerful human motivator, “fear” all the time to get people to vote for them.

      They want you to be afraid of:

      The Chinese Virus
      The police
      The Orange man
      White People
      White Supremacists
      Climate Change

      When who we should be afraid of is them!

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      1. Yeah sure. Crickets from any of you when the FBI infiltrated an extreme right wing militia group who had advanced plans to kidnap and assassinate the sitting governor of Michigan. They also had plans to overthrow the government and start a civil and race war. Those thirteen militia group members was heavily armed with explosives and also had plans to murder police if they interfered in their plans to assassinate Governor Whitmer.

        On here there have been people who were proposing a civil war. The blogger and editor has constantly supported talk about a coming civil war. The fact is that those thirteen people are terrorist. Your entire blog sphere has talked sedition and the supported terrorism.


  2. Cut programs that are redundent and ineffective, which are the majority of social service programs. Illinois is a lost voice crying in the wilderness…I think they want more of your money.

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  3. Actually this strikes at the VERY HEART of Illinois MAIN economic drive, and that is FARMING!! Let’s say a farmer has 3 BAD years and don’t make money, but on the 4th year he gets a good price for Beans, Corn, Cattle, Hogs or whatever, and that will keep him going for another 3 years, BUT, tax him at mr JB’s rate, and he NEVER gets ahead, so WHO THEN will feed all the welfare democratic “feel good” folks? I don’t think most of them would even know which end of a cow to milk! IF they even know what a cow looks like..

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  4. First, you do national news if it suits your purpose. Also, you do a tremendous amount of parroting yourself.

    The militia members WERE NOT “Antifa”. They were extreme right wing guys who were also heavy armed in Ann Arbor who showed up in Capital building armed to the teeth to intimate legislators.

    And yes, people on this blog have opening agitated for a civil war in this forum. And you frequently and obsessively spew anti-govenment propaganda when it fits your agenda

    You’re not entitled to your own facts. Here are the facts:

    “Thirteen men with ties to illegal right-wing militias are facing charges in connection with extensive plots to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, attack the state Capitol building and incite a civil war, federal and state officials announced Thursday.

    Six men were charged in federal court for plotting to violently kidnap Whitmer at her vacation home with the help of explosives and firearms. The men reached out to and trained with members of an unauthorized militia group, according to an FBI affidavit unsealed Thursday, which did not name the militia group.

    And: “Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel also announced gang- and terrorism-related charges Thursday against seven other men – all members of the unauthorized, far-right militia group Wolverine Watchmen – for planning to target members of law enforcement, attack the Michigan Captiol and instigate a civil war.

    Demonstrators, including armed members of anti-government militia groups, stormed the Michigan Capitol on several occasions earlier this year to protest against lockdown measures put in place by Whitmer during the pandemic. President Donald Trump appeared to encourage those demonstrations in mid-April by tweeting “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!”


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