New Illinois

Just an FYI folks. See the New Illinois website here:

The video is inspiring!

The person who sent this to me included this note:

New Illinois will use the constitutionally provided method for declaring a new state.  Old Illinois may be bribed to accept it, if New Illinois takes on more than its share of state debt.

11 thoughts on “New Illinois

    1. What will be the northern border? I have always said South of Route 80 is where the real Illinois starts, but there are a few decent smaller towns up there that might not want to be in with the horror of Chicagoland. I’ll have to go check this out more because I have wanted it for YEARS. I hope to God it’s doable, they hate us rednecks down here anyway they say we are a drain on them so they shouldn’t fuss much.

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  1. These types of efforts for red areas to separate are underway in a couple of blue states. Are there any places where blue areas are trying to separate from red states?

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  2. Within our children’s lifetime or sooner, the USA will resemble the Balkans after the break-up of the Soviet Union. In our present society bad and evil people now out number the good. If Trump fails to win, we will all witness the beginning of this collapse. The Democratic Party has been overtaken in full by American haters. They are envious, anti-capitalist, hate the Republican form of government, are hell-bent on establishing revisionist history, hate white men, love all things Europe ( except white men) and hate the.military along with free speech and personal freedom and deny God. This result is inevitable when sociopaths rule over the same.


  3. Splitting Illinois in two is cutting off your nose to spite your face. I think a better solution is to elect a common-sense governor and speaker of the house from down state. We don’t need another state with two guaranteed democratic senators. At the federal level, the Republicans (or whatever party they morph into post-Trump) will never allow that.


  4. The Governor SHOULD be REQUIRED to live in Springfield, after all it was good enough for Lincoln, even though he wasn’t the Gov. And Cook county SHOULD have to pay it’s OWN bills! They have a HUGE tax base, but STILL rely on central Illinois farmers and workers. ENOUGH!

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  5. New Illinois? Can’t we be Illinois and they can be Chicago? They think that’s what Illinois is anyway. If not, how about Lincolnland, or just Lincoln? West Indiana?


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