Normal: Did you notice?

By: Diane Benjamin

Monday night Normal voted to accept a new bike master plan. It will require vast amounts of money in the future to add trails all over Normal.

Mayor and BIKE SHOP owner Chris Koos did not recuse himself from the discussion. One person at public comment even claimed biking is way up since COVID! No wonder the lockdowns continue in Normal.

Since Koos didn’t recuse himself from the plan, did Mayor Bike vote to enrich himself?

Voters will get to decide next April!

Since Koos has decided to keep his illegal Public Comment Policy until he is forced to change it, citizens aren’t allowed to comment at meetings. You will have to tell him what you think with your vote.

7 thoughts on “Normal: Did you notice?

  1. is this not a conflict of interest?….a bike shop owner looking to have taxpayers fit the bill for more bike paths to inherently enrich his own bike shop? walking a thin line koos koos. i say vote the bum out.

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  2. I see the same thing in Normal bike lanes that I see in Bloomington empty Connect Transit busses. Guess the bikers could be hiding on the busses, more wasted money 💴.

    Side note can hardly wait to travel on E Wash once the new “Y” is built. It and the newly st joe Heart building should make for interesting traveling along that stretch. Was driving there this am. Narry a bicycle once again. Thank you mayor and Bloomington city council for wasting money

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  3. SO, why is it then that it seems that ALL the “fancy” riders with nice bikes and bright gear all ride on the country roads, especially around Lake Evergreen? THey don’t want to ride in traffic and suck in car exhaust any more they we want bike lanes. This is purely an imagined and poorly thought out boondoggle!

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