Every Illinois voter now has internet!

By: Diane Benjamin Remember all those horror stories of kids camped outside restaurants and public buildings so they could learn during COVID school shutdowns because they didn’t have internet at home? You either have received or will receive a postcard from the Illinois Secretary of State about Amendment 1: Remember when you used to get […]

Before you vote:

By: Diane Benjamin 3 HUGE issues you need to consider before you vote: (other issues later) 1) The SAFE-T act is a pro-criminal bill passed by Illinois Democrats and signed by Gov. Pritzker. It will increase crime across Illinois. Any candidates that don’t REJECT this bill don’t need your vote. A DEMOCRAT State’s Attorney has […]

Response to Illinois wanting Federal money

By:  Diane Benjamin One group doing some great reporting is Wirepoints.org.  They printed excerpts from the letter Illinois Senate Democrats sent to DC wanting a bailout.  See the story here:  https://wirepoints.org/illinois-senate-democrats-seek-massive-federal-bailout-for-state-going-far-beyond-coronavirus-impact-wirepoints/ Excerpt: Yesterday they printed the response from the Illinois House Republicans:  https://wirepoints.org/illinois-republican-congressional-delegation-respond-to-request-for-federal-bailout-wirepoints/ Excerpt: The letter is long but it says exactly what anybody with […]

Bloomington council last night

By:  Diane Benjamin Public comment only had two people, one was a member of the Connect Transit Working Group.  See her comments at 13:30.  She was excited about the upcoming report.  It will be interesting to see how many members agree with her.  Those who don’t agree need to issue their own report.  She mentioned […]

More Local Dems hilarity

By:  Diane Benjamin Can 97% of taxpayers in Illinois pay less in taxes while the State plans to spend more?  The local Democrat Party must think citizens have ZERO common sense: They don’t mention Springfield is planning to give financial aid to illegal aliens too. The FLAT income tax has been continually increased.  The State […]

Illinois might create a Distressed Cities Fund

By:  Diane Benjamin HB 0875 is working its way through the Illinois House.  SB 0170 is working its way through the Senate. Both bills want the Treasurer is create a Financially Distressed Cities Fund. Both bills ignore Illinois can’t pay its bills.  Both also ignore why cities are financially distressed.  The biggest driver is pensions that can […]

Current pension reform bills not good enough

PENSION FUNDS’ EXPECTED RATES OF RETURN: “BIGGEST LIE IN GLOBAL FINANCE” By Ted Dabrowski  In the April 10 edition of The Wall Street Journal, Andy Kessler points out that the bankruptcy situation in Stockton, Calif., “may expose the little-known but biggest lie in global finance: pension funds’ expected rate of return.” Last June the city of […]