Response to Illinois wanting Federal money

By:  Diane Benjamin

One group doing some great reporting is  They printed excerpts from the letter Illinois Senate Democrats sent to DC wanting a bailout.  See the story here:


wp dems

Yesterday they printed the response from the Illinois House Republicans:


wp repub

The letter is long but it says exactly what anybody with a brain in Illinois knows.  The pensions have to be fixed.

The letter is signed by Adam Kinzinger, John Shimkus, Rodney Davis, Mike Bost, and Darin Lahood.

They need to be thanked for stating the obvious.  I hope they are successful in blocking any money for Illinois until they prove they deserve it.  Right now it would go down the pension black hole and disappear forever.

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4 thoughts on “Response to Illinois wanting Federal money

  1. And of course John Harmon fails to recognize the fact that JB Prickster was one of the first governors to exceed his authority and put Illinois on lockdown along with New York and California starting the whole plan-demic in the first place.

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  2. When I saw the original Illinois request for bailout sent to Washington I was embarrassed to say Illinois is where I live. We are in and it appears to be coming out of a medical situation affecting many. To request money at this time to fix a problem unrelated is disgusting.

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    1. Our presumed leaders have no sense of dignity and never will. Like I have said elsewhere, many political opportunists are glad this happened. If a few people have to get sick or die to advance their agendas they are fine with it. The Pritzker family is among the most corrupt in the nation. If you don’t think so, read the New Yorker article on them that was published some time ago. True to their heritage, there is never enough money for any of them. JB should be in jail for his involvement in the Blago incident but in this state he is governor. More scams to come using this virus in this future. As the Achilles character said in the movie “Troy” — “It never ends.”


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