Fritzen’s bike – you have to see this one

By:  Diane Benjamin

One more story on the bike given to Jeff Fritzen from Mayor Koos’ bike shop.

A copy of the invoice was included in the FOIA I received from Normal.  I hadn’t noticed until today at the top was a Purchase Order number.  This morning I filed a FOIA for that Purchase Order.  Thanks Normal for getting it to me the same day!

See the invoice here:  Bike Invoice

This is the Purchase Order:

Bike Purchase Order

The Purchase Order wasn’t created until Koos submitted the bill.  Fritzen’s party was in April of 2019.

It gets better.

The buyer is listed as Linda Fischer.  Who is Linda Fischer?  According to the compensation report for Town employees, her title is:—Town-of-Normal



Wait for it . . . . . .





fiscal sup

15 thoughts on “Fritzen’s bike – you have to see this one

  1. I looked at the employee sheet. Ok I see Linda. Wow where its noted yearly income at 98,000+. I’ve done some prior work for NY government agencies and a fiscal supervisor in NY City makes roughly 47,000+

    Just caught my eye. I’m in the wrong business!

    1. Ask Dan Irvin how nice it is to be a FOC (Friend of Chris) after losing a gig? Julie Hile-Broad will know in the not to distant future.

  2. Was sales tax paid on this? None is indicated on the invoice. Since it is not really a qualified tax free purpose and probably greater than the State limit on gifts to employees, shouldn’t sales tax have been applied?

    Sure wish I could have earned that kind of salary. I guess a CPA, CDP only qualifies for about 60% of her salary.

  3. FOIA to see who approved the PO. Where I work anyone can request a PO. I have to wait for someone to approve it before I can order anything. If I buy something without it being authorized and it was not an emergency then I don’t get reimbursed.

    This is an obvious a gift from a friend to a friend and nearly a year later it turned into buyers remorse and an ethical misuse of public funds. Must be nice to be able to use the town coffers as your own personal piggy bank to “tap into” when you’re short $500 bucks.

    If it looks like corruption and smells like corruption then it probably is corruption. But in Normal, this is normal.

    1. You wouldn’t believe how many government or not for profit department heads think taxpayer money is “their money.”

  4. It is pointless to complain about any of this on this website. Nothing will change until we vote out and fire these people in government.

    I am sick of hearing Lorenz, Preston and McCarthy lecture on how fiscally responsible they are and they let this crap go on. Preston is a Vice Chair of the Republican Party, whatever that is. Lorenz is a precinct committee person. McCarthy is just a flat out liar. These RHINOs are backed by the party which is a joke.

  5. I find it very unusual that a group of people wanting to honor a long time employee didn’t pass the hat and purchase a bicycle themselves…with their own money. Maybe they wanted to save themselves the sales tax.I know government agencies don’t pay tax…I didn’t know it was legal for a government entity to purchase personal property without paying tax!

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