Proof Normal (Koos) has No Class

By: Diane Benjamin

Flashback to April 15, 2019. RC McBride was voted off the Town Council and Jeff Fritzen opted to retire after serving 32 years.

(Obviously the Normal voters don’t believe in term limits)

Not only did Fritzen get a bike from Koos’ shop at taxpayer expense, both got proclamations for their exemplary service to the Town at a Council meeting.

RC McBride only served as a Trustee for 4 years. So did Stan Nord. McBride got a proclamation, Nord didn’t even get a mention at his final Council meeting.

Just hit play below to hear the festivities Koos created for two guys he liked. Obviously if you don’t agree with Koos you are ignored. Fritzen not only got a bike, he also got a party at taxpayer expense:

The character of Normal staff and elected officials is now publicly despicable.

3 thoughts on “Proof Normal (Koos) has No Class

  1. Neither Fritzen nor McBride deserved any accolades. They’re both leftist progressive marxists just like kingkoos, so he chose to heap praise on them. If anyone gets in the way of them implementing their marxist utopian dreams, forget it. So in a way, it’s good in that it shows that Stan Nord is a man of character, while all the others clearly are not.

  2. That’s how they roll, all sweet and friendly until they realize you don’t agree with their every whim or utterance and then you are targeted and become bane, plus if you WERE thought of as quite sane and intelligent you become suddenly unhinged and/or stupid.

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