Another edition of: BCPA Event Reports

By: Diane Benjamin

I had to file a FOIA request to get this reports posted. Some dates of performance fees don’t match any performance dates.

Loss: $206.84

Loss: $7,932.72

Loss: $6,854.53

Here’s where report dates don’t match event reports:

There wasn’t an event on 2/23/2023.

Three performance fees are listed as 3/23/2023, there were no performances on 3/23:

I do have 3 March events. Since I’m not going to waste time filing another FOIA, add the information together:

Event reports show total profit of $55,981.56

Performance Fees total $70,500.00

Loss: $14,518.44

Total Loss: $29,512.53

5 thoughts on “Another edition of: BCPA Event Reports

  1. If there were no performances on 3/23, who did they pay and why? It’s bad enough the actual performances make no money, and lose more tax payer dollars. But now they’re paying non-existent performers?

  2. Good to see the ‘One Night Of Queen’ performance actually made a profit. Given that all the other losses dwarfed that one bright spot, they definitely need to change how they manage their bookings probably including at least one firing. But we all know BCPA isn’t intended as a service to the general public so that’ll never happen…

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