Koos Dream Goes Up In Natural Gas

By: Diane Benjamin

Watch which local media sources report this story. It will prove who is #FakeNews and who isn’t.

Refer back to this story: https://blnnews.com/2023/03/07/normal-buy-local-is-immaterial/

Chris Koos wants Uptown 2.0 built without any natural gas pipelines. Normal thinks that is “sustainable”.

It’s also illegal.

In Koos world laws don’t matter however. He didn’t want to comply with the law for Incorporated Towns, so he got his democrat buddy Chung to pass HB3337 in the Illinois House, so far it isn’t going anywhere in the Senate.

The law that prevents Koos from banning natural gas will be tougher to get changed because it’s Federal. The California Restaurant Association sued Berkeley Ca over an ordinance making natural gas pipelines illegal to install in one building. There are many stories about this case, but here is one: https://news.bloomberglaw.com/environment-and-energy/berkeley-ban-on-natural-gas-hookups-tossed-by-ninth-circuit

A Berkeley California city’s ordinance banning natural gas hookups in new buildings was toppled Monday by the Ninth Circuit, which said that the ordinance is preempted by federal law. The court found it violated the Energy Policy and Conservation Act because it indirectly regulates appliances that use natural gas.

Quotes from the Judge in the story:

“And by preventing such appliances from using natural gas, the new Berkeley building code does exactly that.”

“States and localities can’t skirt the text of broad preemption provisions by doing indirectly what Congress says they can’t do directly,” Bumatay said.

Since Normal doesn’t like following laws they will likely need sued over the same issue. Whoever sues better have a lot of money however because Normal will use whatever taxpayers money they need to fight back. The Town of Normal refuses to admit when they are wrong. Since Koos has his Council will they care? Not likely.

6 thoughts on “Koos Dream Goes Up In Natural Gas

  1. Yes, the city council doesn’t even have Stan Nords logical voice anymore. Well done Normal voters. Enjoy your mess.

  2. This is why so much outside money funneled into Byars campaign. The pro-electric lobby, aka Byars employers, plan on using Normal to create a natural gas ban that can be upheld in the courts. I bet Chung and Kohler will be instrumental in passing any state bill to help make this happen.

  3. Good. I hope his leftist marxist dreams go up in flames. His arrogant @$$ deserves it. Now it will come down to Integrity. Does Kathy Lorenz have an ounce of integrity? What about Preston? Does he? Personally I don’t think any of them are people of integrity. Quite the contrary. They’re mean, angry, liars, and cheaters. And have no doubt their statements and behavior will prove me right.

  4. The 27% turnout was a better number that usual off president election years. As long as electronic voting and sham mail in voting is allowed, we’ll never know the true results. It’s who/how the votes are counted that matters.

  5. This state, county and localities are taking “community policing” and data exploitation and legal networks to a very risky extreme. Consumers and citizens beware. Til people start speaking up the politicians are clueless and think the whole digital and “fintech” and transformation deceit is a common goal. Technocrats in every county and state dept, univeristy and public school is at risk. (and small/large organizations you trust historically.

    This is NOT what our land should be fighting for or fought against. Its not about security or safety or the kids for saving the children… Wake up folks.

    Surveillance capitalizm..at its worst.

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