After last night many Normal citizens have no representation

By: Diane Benjamin

This meeting was the last one for Stan Nord. NO ONE on the council thanked him for his service or made any recognition of his 4 years of representing taxpayers. Koos made sure RC McBride was put on the Planning Commission when he got voted off the Council. I remember Koos telling him at his last meeting he wasn’t getting away from government. Expect this Council to treat you exactly like they treated Stan.

In the future Karyn Smith might keep the meetings longer than 10 minutes since she is an expert on almost everything. She loves to give her opinion whether is matters or not.

You can hear the Connect Transit comment about working with Rivian at 52.50. As the speaker did at the Bloomington meeting, his comment was “no comment”.

Somewhere during the Connect Transit presentation they claimed $50 million+ in grants have been brought back to Normal. Feature their name prominently in why the country is almost $32 Trillion in debt. “Connect Transits” exist across the country running a lot of empty buses. The Biden administration only gives grants for electric buses, so diesel grants won’t be happening.

There was a public comment by Ron Ulmer about lighting in the parking garages at 1:20. There was another comment at the end of the meeting by Eric Sweetwood – see 1:13:45. I bet he gets invited to Koos’ party this year he throws at taxpayer expense.

Koos made an appointment to the Planning Commission to replace Andy Byars. Of course the public wasn’t informed ahead of time because Koos believes all these appointees work for him, not you. Koos allowed Kevin McCarthy to read to guy’s bio before the vote. Brad Ropp works for State Farm but also has a real estate license.

Of course this proves why the names of who Koos appoints should be disclosed to the public long before the meeting starts. Koos picked a part-time realtor to hear cases about new subdivisions. There have been a bunch of them lately so Ropp might be recusing himself a lot. Kathleen Lorenz voted against his appointment. She was all by herself. See the discussion at 1:02:20.

Lorenz also wants the Town to work with the neighbors who just wanted the new fire station moved across the street. She didn’t get a commitment that I heard.

Without Stan I’m betting the Council returns to voting and then informing you after the vote who was appointed. Koos wants consent without any advice.

14 thoughts on “After last night many Normal citizens have no representation

  1. Normalites are getting exactly what they voted for. No more sympathy from me. Progressive politics are a social malignancy and BloNo has contracted it

  2. Thank you for your service Stan! You did an outstanding job at holding this council accountable and taking the “knives”. God knows and has a plan for each of us and those who mock and scorn him!

  3. Stan Nord exposed more corruption within Normal government than what the average person knew existed. In return, the Mayor and the handful of top-level corrupt staff hated and bullied him at their every opportunity. Stan was the only council member who stood in their way and was steadfast in defending taxpayers. Too bad the voters ousted the only person who wanted to fix the real problems.

    1. A huge thank you to Stan Nord. He was the only trustee who actually represented We The People. King koos, queen pam, and the other so-called trustees deserve zero respect or recognition. All they’ve done and will continue to do will flush the Village of Normal down the toilet even farther.

  4. Kathleen wants the neighborhood to help design the fire station…Are you kidding me? We didn’t want it on that corner in the first place. There were 3 other corners at the same intersection we would have been happy with them using. Normal refused to listen to the petition that the entire neighborhood signed. Having the neighborhood meet to help with the design is like rubbing our noses in what they did to us. This is not like a park we are going to be frequenting. Kathleen has no sympathy for those of us who have been screwed over by the Town. Kathleen’s design meeting is going to turn into a spiteful shit-show.

  5. Koos may regret having Stan off council. Citizen Stan can now be as vocal as he wants. Koos can’t tell him to shut up.

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