Normal: Rolling in $$$, can’t afford microphones

By: Diane Benjamin Last night’s meeting is going to take more than one story. Let’s start with the ridiculous. The microphone issues have been happening for months. Many of the council’s “buzzed” when they spoke, Scott Preston’s made it impossible to hear him. He’s wearing a microphone in addition to the one on the desk. […]

After last night many Normal citizens have no representation

By: Diane Benjamin This meeting was the last one for Stan Nord. NO ONE on the council thanked him for his service or made any recognition of his 4 years of representing taxpayers. Koos made sure RC McBride was put on the Planning Commission when he got voted off the Council. I remember Koos telling […]

Normal: Koos Kingdom Continues Tonight

By: Diane Benjamin More proof Koosville is not government for the citizens. Normal is whatever Koos wills – kneel now serfs! The people who serve on Normal’s Boards and Commission don’t work for the citizens – they work for Koos. Citizens aren’t allowed to know who is being appointed until after the Council approves […]

2 more things from Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin Mboka should be ashamed of himself for re-appointments made last night. Instead interviewing candidates that I know applied to fill expiring terms, he re-appointed Tari Renner’s picks. It’s a sad day for Bloomington when people who haven’t been involved aren’t allowed to even meet with the mayor. How about some people that […]

Bloomington tonight, tune in!

By: Diane Benjamin PDF page 10 is a proclamation declaring the first week of February: National Gun Violence Survivors’ Week. Has Mboka figured out Chicago has moved downstate? This is part of the declaration: That is probably true in Chicago where crimes aren’t prosecuted and kids are frequently shot and die because criminals with […]

Your chance to prove Koos doesn’t care what you think:

By: Diane Benjamin There is a vacancy on Normal’s Uptown Design Review Commission: Remember when the Connect Transit seat was not filled for I think 2 years? Appointees have to do Koos’s bidding, maybe he’s having trouble finding people. Apply anyway if you are interested! Rejected by the mayor is a badge of honor. […]

Bloomington tomorrow, more on Normal’s meeting last night

By: Diane Benjamin Since citizens with sewage in their basements only show up at Bloomington Council meetings, the ones’ in Normal have to pay to stop it from happening themselves. Normal passed budgeting a whopping $25,000 so they could pay up to $5000 per house to install something called Overhead Sewers. If more than 5 […]

Normal Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin Part 1: Remember pre-Stan when meetings lasted about 10 minutes? Last night was close to 3 1/2 hours mostly because items were included that didn’t need to be. The Council heard a report from Beth Whisman concerning how Cultural Arts is surviving COVID. All the the part time staff, around 40 […]

Bloomington Agenda tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin Every notice if a court rules in favor of leftists they and the media jump all over it celebrating, but if it goes against their narrative they ignore it? Bloomington will be meeting on-line again regardless of the ruling voiding Pritzker’s executive orders.  Rulings that don’t fit the agenda can be discarded. […]

Koos: Stan upsetting my kingdom

By:  Diane Benjamin Tuesday Chris Koos had to run to his favorite taxpayer funded media – WGLT – to complain about Stan Nord.  The issue:  Stan won’t rubber stamp my appointees! The article eventually got to Karyn Smith who also spoke about not having time to research who Koos’ Connect Transit Board appointee is. […]

Connect Transit at Bloomington on Monday too

By:  Diane Benjamin Issac Thorne will be at the Bloomington Committee of the Whole meeting Monday too.  He won’t stick around long since he has to be in Normal at 7:00. Again, there is nothing on the agenda to allow a vote to reject the Connect Transit budget.  Tari’s “Armageddon” claims were just fear […]

Hope you had popcorn if you watched Bloomington’s Council

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner declared May Building safety month at last night’s Council meeting.  First, I guess he didn’t notice May is almost over.  Second, a City building recently burned to the ground.  The only “safe” part was nobody was in the building when it burned.  The media still hasn’t reported that fire.  When […]