Normal: Rolling in $$$, can’t afford microphones

By: Diane Benjamin

Last night’s meeting is going to take more than one story. Let’s start with the ridiculous.

The microphone issues have been happening for months. Many of the council’s “buzzed” when they spoke, Scott Preston’s made it impossible to hear him. He’s wearing a microphone in addition to the one on the desk. Just hit play and listen for 5 seconds:

Normal is swimming in money because they are collecting millions more in local sales taxes than they projected because you are paying more for everything. Higher prices mean higher sales tax revenue. One would think new microphones that actually work would be a priority. Priorities in Normal are what the TOWN wants, not citizens. Expect the problems to continue.

Kathleen Lorenz is suddenly worried about appointments made by Koos. See 1:27:20. Earlier in the meeting she questioned language in the Connect Transit agreement that states “advice and consent” of council for board appointments. Since Normal’s council doesn’t give “advice” while Bloomington’s does, the language is going to be modified. Her comment here pertains to all the other Koos appointments the council has no input on. Every board and commission appointee is handpicked by Koos – anyone who doesn’t kiss his feet isn’t allowed. Kathleen wants the policy reviewed, of course not to take any power away from Koos – just changed. Sure Kathleen. I seem to remember a former Trustee who had the same concerns and she ignored him. At least Koos still allows the names to be read before the vote.

Two area residents spoke at the Public Hearing on annexing the Archer PUD. One threatened a class action lawsuit because the “affordable” quality of rental units will devalue their properties. The council passed it unanimously anyway with no discussion.

North Normal is turning into mass rental properties. Koos is doing the bidding of the World Economic Forum: You will own nothing and you will be happy. The purpose is eliminating generational wealth.

Koos, who drives a taxpayer owned vehicle, is the perfect guy to make that happen. Stay tuned for Part 2.

6 thoughts on “Normal: Rolling in $$$, can’t afford microphones

  1. More people should go to Normal council meetings. Where else can you see a professional play for free? Sorry, but Scott and Kathleen, and I expect Andy, are simply engaging in political theater – if they were serious, they would have supported Stan, not bullied him, or called out the bullying. (Sorry, Kathleen’s campaign kick-off stunt of feigning being upset about the bullying doesn’t count – if she were serious there, it would have included an apology to Stan.)

  2. I sent an email to the Mayor, Council, and Manager stating most of Scott Preston’s comments were inaudible on the Council video. . Manager Reece responded that they will work on a fix to the microphone system in the short run and later this year the Town plans to put out an RFP for new sound system.

    1. And in the meantime, official council policy is that minutes are only cliff notes and the video is the real record of the meeting. Which won’t be usable. So chalk up yet another double-barreled middle finger from the council, one to the Open Meetings Act and one to the citizens of Normal.

  3. Kabuki Theatre in living color. These RINO’s want to be able to run their campaigns as Republicans, even though there is NOTHING about them that is Conservative. They’re Posers. They’re liars. They are Democrats who want the public to believe they are Republicans. Don’t let them get away with it. Make them run as the Democrats they are.

  4. Brian Day’s comment regarding advice and contest as a typo is incorrect. Bloomington has already approved the CT-IGA ordinance. The solution offered by Reese is unacceptable. The IGA has to go back to Bloomington if there are any changes.

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