More on your property taxes – Letter to the Editor

Written by Carl Hinshaw – Letter to the Editor, Heyworth Buzz

8 thoughts on “More on your property taxes – Letter to the Editor

  1. Thx for staying on top of this & providing information to us. Your faithfulness in reporting is much appreciated!

  2. That is the result electing “Tax and Spend” representatives! They just took a 11% raise, based on “productivity”

  3. Probably why the lawmakers refuse to discuss reform is because high earners are bailing on the state and their only way to subsidize the local taxing bodies is to take it from the local property owners. The income tax revenue I suspect has fallen because of the population movement out of the state.

    Well this only encourages me more to bail on this state. .

  4. Good luck with the appeal process A total run around multiple times

    Did process and zero communication

    Left hand does not know what the right hand is doing and local and county and board of review

    Clueless – Zero real communication

    Watch the video from Bond County by Tom DeVore

    Explains a lot about the shady taxing body process and reality of the situation state wide

    GIS and Central systems/ data are bad and the proper tax state even worse

    Oh yeah Don’t forget If you pay and end up getting a reduction in assessment- zero refund of overpayments Cha Ching $$

    Welcome to the authoritarian County of McLean and State of Illinois

    1. Someplace I read and it seems like a similar situation where someone sued and the court ruled they couldn’t take the money and keep it. I can’t remember where I read about that court case. Did you talk to an attorney? Probably it would be my guess no one has taken that to court.

  5. I found it
    “The taxpayer must render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, but no more.”
    In MN a woman’s home was taken to pay for a $15 property tax bill and then they sold her home for $40K and the government pocketed the $25K profit. It fell under the 5th Amendment. May of this year SCOTUS ruling.

    Still doesn’t seem right that the county should be allowed to keep the over payment. Makes you wonder how man other people they have profited from.

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