Heyworth: Zoning Meeting tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin Heyworth is adding information about local government to their website.  Agendas for all meetings should now be posted 48 hours in advance:   http://www.heyworth-il.gov/local_government/index.php An agenda is not posted for this meeting as required by the Open Meetings Act.  Since it appears Heyworth is trying to inform citizens by expanding available information I […]

Heyworth: You are too late to stop it

By:  Diane Benjamin Original story:  https://wordpress.com/post/blnnews.com/75482 The Village of Heyworth could easily post Council meeting information on-line so citizens can inform themselves.  If they refuse to add that information to their really nice website it will be because hiding information until it gets passed is the real agenda. Transparency is always good policy. Borrowing $500,000 […]

Update: Attention Heyworth:

Followup story:  https://blnnews.com/2020/03/10/heyworth-you-are-too-late-to-stop-it/ This was in the Normalite, printed with permission of the author: HEYWORTH – The Village of Heyworth may borrow up to $500,000 to finance the 50th anniversary celebration of the Kickapoo Rock Festival. Trustee Clay Wiseman was the lone vote against borrowing the money from First State Bank of Bloomington. The promissory […]

Pantagraph reports a crime-but didn’t notice.

By:  Diane Benjamin The bird-cage liner just reported the Decatur School Superintendent is taking a new job in Heyworth.  Since the Decatur paper is a sister publication, they got the story from them.  (Saves salaries just reprinting articles) The story claims the School Board voted 4-3 not to extend Lisa Taylor’s contract. The CRIME? The […]

More government gone wild: Trimble’s Produce Farm

IMPORTANT FARM ANNOUNCEMENT….. The Village of Heyworth has cut my farms water supply off! According to the Village Streets and Water Superintendent Tony Foster, the Mayor and the Village attorney instructed him to disconnect my water supply due to many complaints in the neighborhood of rust showing up in their drinking water and are afraid […]

Heyworth cover up? Update 2

Another meeting this Thursday 6:30, Heyworth City Hall!  See the comments posted for more details.   Update:  The entire discussion was tabled for the new council to discuss.  Lame duck councils shouldn’t determine policy, especially when the citizens weren’t informed in advance.  Transparency is imperative if you expect respect.  The citizens of Heyworth stood up. […]

More on School Districts

by Diane Benjamin http://www.ilhonorroll.niu.edu/scripts/awards.asp?searchStr=L&awtype=E&year=2011&so=name Which area schools achieved: 2011 Academic Excellence Awards No Unit 5 Schools No Dist 87 Schools Tri-Valley Elementary Tri-Valley Middle School No Leroy schools Lexington Elementary No Heyworth Schools Olympia West Elementary Ridgeview Elementary Also See:  http://blnnews.com/2012/11/12/school-district-comparison-continued/ Also See:  http://blnnews.com/2012/11/12/school-district-comparisons/

School District comparison (continued)

by Diane Benjamin (continued from previous post) From the Illinois State Board of Education website: http://www.isbe.net/ See the chart below: Close to 50% of all 11th graders in the state are BELOW average in all 3 subjects Dist 87: 52.5% below standards in reading 57% below standards in math 58.6% below standards in science If your […]

School District comparisons

by Diane Benjamin From the Illinois State Board of Education website: http://www.isbe.net/ See the chart below: Unit 5 and District 87 have less Administrators per pupil, but the percent spent on Instruction is low. Where is the money going?  Graduations rates are way below surrounding districts. Leroy, Lexington, and Ridgeview have high pupil to admin percentages. […]