More government gone wild: Trimble’s Produce Farm


The Village of Heyworth has cut my farms water supply off!

According to the Village Streets and Water Superintendent Tony Foster, the Mayor and the Village attorney instructed him to disconnect my water supply due to many complaints in the neighborhood of rust showing up in their drinking water and are afraid people are going to sue them for a new washer, hot water heater or refrigerator.

I immediately approached the Mayor about this and he said ” Tony told him he was shutting me off and he is the one who makes the decision.” …..Political run around?

After talking to several key people in the neighborhood who should have a problem IF there was one said they had notice no rust or debris in their water what so ever. I pulled the fine mesh filter on one of my units and found it perfectly clean, no debris of any kind.

Perhaps the problem is the leaking water main at the corner of Emery and Rt 136 that has been leaking off and on for some time now.

Last year I used just under 300,000 gallons on 2.25 acres with no problem. This year the “rust” problem appeared right after they hooked me up and I’ve used less than 10,000 gallons until just recently. Since we haven’t had any rain in awhile I was going to start irrigating tonight because a lot of the crops are starting to show signs of a lack of water, but that’s not going to happen now.

I have, along with all the FFA and 4H interns, have worked so hard and put in so many long days to grow you the best produce we can that you have come to expect from my farm. Not to mention I have my entire savings invested in this big project, and just starting to see a return on my investment, and lets not forget all the CSA members that have paid money up front who believe in me and what I am trying to do for the community and their families.

I am going to close the farm stand early tomorrow to get to the bottom of this but I need your help. If you enjoy all the great produce we grow and like what we are doing call the Village and tell them to turn my water back on so I can irrigate my crops before they die and or wither away. I also understand there is a board meeting on Thursday and would appreciate your attendance and will confirm the time and place tomorrow when they open.

Mayor Larry Mowery 309-473-2811

Streets and Water Tony Foster 309-473-2811

Your Farmer

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