Rodney Davis: NO public meetings

by:  Diane Benjamin

Since the August recess began, Rep Rodney Davis has held no public events.  He is busy visiting places where he won’t get asked tough questions.

Next Thursday Davis is holding a Question and Answer session at State Farm – for employees only!  How safe for you Rodney!  Can tough questions be asked in front of your employer when their views and yours don’t match?goprino

Rodney is obviously too afraid to answer the citizens directly.  He is hiding behind employers and therefore avoiding actual answers and listening to the citizens.

Maybe he has seen the polls showing most of America doesn’t want immigration reform before the border is completely sealed.

Maybe he doesn’t want to hear that ObamaCare must be defunded before it is enacted.  Maybe he is a Karl Rove Republican and is trying to hide it.

What are you afraid of Rodney?  Do you think you can campaign for the primary by hiding?

If you actually believe in not defunding ObamaCare and legalizing illegals aliens, why can’t you defend it?  Maybe you are just GOP and must be replaced.  Citizens can tell when their representatives just want a life-time job and tow the party line as told.

Come out of the closet Rodney, or be prepared to retire!








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