Pantagraph reports a crime-but didn’t notice.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The bird-cage liner just reported the Decatur School Superintendent is taking a new job in Heyworth.  Since the Decatur paper is a sister publication, they got the story from them.  (Saves salaries just reprinting articles)

The story claims the School Board voted 4-3 not to extend Lisa Taylor’s contract.


The article clearly states the vote took place in CLOSED session.  Votes are not allowed in Closed Session!

It’s illegal.  Lisa Taylor’s firing is illegal if it really took place in closed session.

Illinois has an Open Meetings Act to prevent secret discussions and votes.  The citizens of Decatur have a right to know who voted to fire her.  Who are the FOUR “fire her” votes.

When the media doesn’t know the law, those in charge can do anything they want with repercussion.  No wonder Illinois is corrupt!

Nobody thought to find out what her salary in Decatur is and what Heyworth is paying her?

No, real news doesn’t matter.

See the story here, however I expect the wording to be changed at some point:

Here’s how it was reported:





8 thoughts on “Pantagraph reports a crime-but didn’t notice.

  1. According to what it states at the bottom of this web page…..
    “The closed session will be when members vote.”

    Having been on a school board I don’t ever recall voting in a closed executive session.
    From what I read the public and staff didn’t seem to have any issues with her. It almost sounds like they couldn’t get a commitment that she would stay if they renewed her contract so why bother offering one when a year later they would have to go find someone else. One thing is for certain the public will never know why.


      1. They can discuss it in private – but his raises have and always will be voted on in public! Make them look at the people paying the bills will they put him in the 1%.


      2. It sure appears 100% what they did was illegal because none of the news articles I read stated who the 4 and 3 were on the vote. That seemed to be a “secret”.

        The only illegal thing I can ever remember was as Treasurer the condo I bought in the Bahamas as a board retreat facility that I use as second home. Just joking!


  2. When the media doesn’t know the law, those in charge can do anything they want with (OUT!!!!!!!!) repercussion. No wonder Illinois is corrupt!


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