Heyworth cover up? Update 2

Another meeting this Thursday 6:30, Heyworth City Hall!  See the comments posted for more details.


Update:  The entire discussion was tabled for the new council to discuss.  Lame duck councils shouldn’t determine policy, especially when the citizens weren’t informed in advance.  Transparency is imperative if you expect respect.  The citizens of Heyworth stood up.  Good job!

by Diane Benjamin

As reported to me by a citizen of Heyworth:

City workers were replacing the road on Buchanan Street in 2011.  One of the City workers told the Mayor, the City Attorney, and the assistant to the mayor that the soil was contaminated and they were getting sick.

Reportedly, the City Attorney told them to get in the hole and shut the hell up.  The workers are all scared for their jobs.  They were told if they didn’t comply they WOULD lose their jobs.

Workers asked for respirators, but the request was denied because they were within feet of the IGA.  Can’t upset the citizens!  They asked to have an air tank to pump air in to take the old out while they were in the hole.  DENIED!

One employee’s pulse got down to 36 that night – he nearly died.  The hospital reported that is he hadn’t come, he was an hour away from death.

Most of the soil was hauled off.  When the trucking company didn’t have the right paper work, since the EPA was never contacted, they were were forced to bring it back.   The possibly contaminated soil was sent out to the Heyworth Park, yards away from Sting  Football/Soccer Field.   This is near enough for kids to play on!

Recently they supposedly tested the soil and found it was okay, but this soil has been there for two years~ exposed to the air and the rain.

One City employee is still ill.  They have all been told to shut up.

Tomorrow there is a special meeting.  They are going to eliminate the city workers position.

Listed on the agenda:

Action item: Repealing the office of the superintendent of public works.

They are creating two other positions.  Neither will most likely be filled by the injured employee.

Heyworth residents:

City Hall – 6:45 Thursday.
Think your taxes won’t go up after a huge lawsuit?

14 thoughts on “Heyworth cover up? Update 2

  1. Hmm I worked for the village for almost a year, didn’t hear any one of the workers report being ill or afraid for their jobs.

  2. After the nonsense the “mayor” pulled by telling his own police force not to cooperate with the authorities because of his upcoming election (God forbid we enforce laws in Heyworth and let the judges sort it out!) I believe just about anything about the politics in Heyworth.

  3. Two departments being formed with a cost savings towards $40,000.00 by reorganization. This is creating a witch hunt. Be informed and verify info before posting and causing more chaos.

    1. Sure would love too see the break down. And funny this is happening the week before the newly elected officials get into office. How convenient!

  4. I would be floored if this were true. Im 99.5% positive the EPA was called in and cleared the area, which would explain why there was such a hold up with the completion roads and sidewalks. Small town, RHETORIC: noun,
    (in writing or speech) the undue use of exaggeration or display; bombast.

  5. IF you are unsure then why comment? Personal vendetta just like what is happening in this town? A man is sick still from it all and his job just happens to come up for repeal but theres not a cover up? Are you blind or just dumb? If not a cover up why were they pushing all this before the new council members got into their seats next week? I smell a rat and if you cant you are just dumb. Or you are part of the problem. Which is it?

    1. And Dawn who’s job is up?

      PLEASE inform us.

      And don’t insult the intelligence of the others here it just makes you even more ignorant.

    2. You obviously wish too distract us from the real question here … Which is the contaminated soil discovered while the new water mains were installed. There are serious concerns about instructions directed by the mayor and his attorney about proceeding with the work without notification to the Illinois EPA, there’s no disputing that village employees were sickened and one was hospitalized. The mayor and his attorney took it upon themselves to send our employees into unsafe conditions with harsh results. Quibbling about who, when, or how many times, the IEPA was contacted completely overlooks an incompetent and dangerous decision to our hard working employees and to this citizen who knows and appreciates the vital services too many take for granted. Eliminating jobs in the name of reform is nothing more than another distraction to the heavy liabilities our village has been exposed to by the mayor, the board, Shive-Hattery and the attorney. Not only has this employee sacrificed his health executing his duties as instructed,he now faces a seemingly preordained loss of lively hood, security, and pride. Shame is upon us, this isn’t right. Lets hear the truth, lets turn on the light.

  6. Whoever believes this crap is the same reason Heyworth never goes anywhere.

    And yes I was born and raised there.

  7. First of all…the Buchanan Street issued is complete. If anyone got sick from this, then they should have filed a work comp claim. Failing to do so is that employees problem and not the village. If any employee was told to shut up and get down in the hole then they too should have filed a grievance as they ARE Union workers. Failure to file the grievance is their fault as well. As far as this article goes…it would have been wise to contact the village of Heyworth to get correct information or their side of the story. Putting it in public that the park may have contaminated soil is just as equal to yelling fire in a crowded movie theater when there is NO fire. Shame on anyone for publishing information that is clearly one sided. Yes…the board is making a proposal that could impact some jobs. They have the right to do so I believe.

    1. Tony is a salaried worker and he is not Union. He was scared for his job. Their side of the story. Do you really think they would give us the truth? No everything is behind closed doors. Contaminated soil was put out too the Heyworth Park. This soil was contaminated when it was left there. Its been out in the open for two years when you finally had it tested. Open to the air and too rain. I think we should dig that area up around Buchanan and have it all tested again. Then see who is a liar!

  8. Tonys job is up for repeal again Thursday night at 6 30 Heyworth city hall. Hope everyone can attend this meeting and stand up for one of the best and most loyal employees this town has ever had. Oh and you people that want to run your mouth but not post your name thats being a coward.

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