Heyworth: You are too late to stop it

By:  Diane Benjamin

Original story:  https://wordpress.com/post/blnnews.com/75482

The Village of Heyworth could easily post Council meeting information on-line so citizens can inform themselves.  If they refuse to add that information to their really nice website it will be because hiding information until it gets passed is the real agenda.

Transparency is always good policy.

Borrowing $500,000 for the 50th anniversary of the Kickapoo Creek Rock Festival is too late to stop.  A Promissory Note has already been signed:  Promissary note ordinance Feb 20 2020


public interest


People move to small towns because lack of fiscally responsibility pushes them out of larger ones.  In 2017 the population of Heyworth was 2,885.  Every resident is now $173 in debt if this anniversary party fails.

Source:  http://www.city-data.com/city/Heyworth-Illinois.html

5 thoughts on “Heyworth: You are too late to stop it

  1. I checked the new website and the minutes for January were posted, as well as some agendas from Jan. and Feb. When I click on the link now the old one is showing…,maybe they are uploading more. The old site was not user friendly and there isn’t a dedicated tech professional to administer the site.

  2. Since Pritzker has declared a State of Emergency for Illinois, this 3 day rock fest should be canceled.

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